Tricks to Unlocking Samsung S6 and Make its Experience Magical

Tricks to Unlocking Samsung S6 and Make its Experience Magical

If you own a Samsung S6, consider yourself fortunate. A lot of people desire it, dream of it, and aspire to have one someday. Their “someday” comes when it is already outdated. But only a selected few get to own it. And if you do own it, just check with your fortune. If it is locked, it is indeed unfortunate. You would rather take a cab than ride a golden chariot driven by an old mule. Similarly, you would rather use the phone booth than own a Samsung S6 where you can’t even change your network. So, if your Samsung S6 is carrier locked, an unlocking service provider like would be the best possible solution to start with.

Samsung S6 Unlocking Method

This process is very simple and can be followed with ease. The first thing you need to do is log on to the trusted service provider’s official website and share the IMEI code of your phone (a fifteen digit code, which changes with every handset). In fact, it can be found on the box of the Samsung S6 while purchasing it and behind the battery in your Samsung S6. The next step would involve some more data entry. The page would ask for network your Samsung S6 is locked to and the country it was purchased from and your email address. After that, you would need to make a payment for processing your request.

The next step is verification. After submitting the details the page had asked for, the provider will have all the data verified and send a confirmation mail stating that the payment is received and the data is valid. After this, you shall receive another mail stating the unlock code for your Samsung S6. You simply need to enter the code to have your Samsung Galaxy S6 unlocked.

The Importance of being Unlocked

Unlocking Samsung S6 has benefits that are availed by both the phone and you. Had your Samsung Galaxy S6 been a living being, it would have thanked you. The benefits you avail are as follows:

  • The phone is no longer dependent on just one network. You can insert any SIM card as per your choice of plans for calls and data.
  • This method keeps the phone’s warranty safe too. IMEI unlocking doesn’t alter or affect a single term or condition on the warranty.
  • You need not be sound regarding technicalities either. This is no software unlocking.
  • You only need to find an apt provider like Unlockninja. Visit and unlock Samsung S6 Now.

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