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Important - Select the Model your Unlock Samsung is Locked to.

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Important - Select the Model your Unlock Samsung is Locked to.

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Unlock a Samsung Phone.

Unlocking your Samsung phone gives you the freedom to use your phone to its best potential, and making it possible for you to select plans and services of any network provider around the world. Right now you are tied up with only one network provider - the one you have bought your phone from. Once you unlock your Samsung phone, you can use the cheapest network operator while you are traveling and save a lot of money on roaming charges. You can also switch back to your permanent network provider if you wish to once you are back.

If you have already bought an unlocking code on Unlockninja but you need to know how to use it, then you can get detailed instructions on how to use the unlock code for your Samsung Phone. OR If you are looking for the network unlocking service provider to unlock your Samsung phone just follow the below steps to get the Unlock code (For any Samsung model you have)

You must, now, be thinking if you can unlock your Samsung phone even if you are into a contract with the network provider?

The answer is “Yes, absolutely”... Almost all network locked phones can be unlocked as long as you don't have any pending bills/ dues with the network. While there are services available for blacklisted/ blocked phones too, we always encourage our customers to clear all the pending dues to their respective networks as per their contract.

What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Samsung Phone

You can unlock Samsung phone any model by providing some information about your phone like Samsung phone model you are using, purchase country and network your Samsung phone is locked to, and most important the correct IMEI number of your Samsung phone. You need to search a network unlocking service provider company.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone

Let us now look at the simple steps you need to follow to Unlock Samsung Phone with Unlockninja in detail.

How to Get Unlock Code for Samsung Phone

We at Unlockninja try our best to make your experience on our site smooth, your time worthwhile and your money worth every penny. Requesting an unlock code or request for unlocking with “device unlock app” on Unlockninja is a very easy process. As mentioned before please keep your IMEI number handy with all the basic information about the phone, like Samsung model number, SIM network provider you are locked with, Country, current mail ID and the network you are planning to shift to. Enter these easy details and click on next.

The only prerequisite to unlock Samsung phone is its IMEI number. Find your IMEI number with the following steps.

  • Go to your Samsung phones dialer pad and type*#06#.
  • A new screen will show you your unique IMEI number.

Make Payment:  

We will not be able to process your request until we receive the payment from you. Making payment is also an easy task at Unlockninja. Just use your debit card or credit card or PayPal account to place your order and our team shall be at your service. For any assistance you might need during this process we will be just an email away. Our service center is open all round the clock from Monday to Friday. Please also go to our Privacy Policy and refunds and other important information pages.

Update IMEI 

Update your Samsung IMEI by using the login details delivered to your mail ID. Just go to the Client Login section at Unlockninja make a login and enter your IMEI number to receive your unlock code. Depending on your Samsung mobile model number, its country of purchase and current network, we will take some processing time and will send you to unlock code at the earliest.

The same process is applicable to get the unlock code for all brands like to Unlock ZTE Phone OR Unlock LG Phone OR Unlock Huawei Phone and wi-fi Device  

Track your Order Status

You can also track your order status at Client Login section any time 24/7

How to Request for Unlocking with “Device Unlock App” MetroPCS OR T-Mobile

Device Unlock is an Android app that is provided by MetroPCS OR T-Mobile Networks Mostly, It allows users to request and apply a mobile device unlock directly from the Samsung Phone. The process to unlock request through “Device Unlock App” is same as above. You only need to follow the steps as below after getting an unlocking confirmation form MetroPCS or T-Mobile.    

How to Enter Unlock Code into Your Samsung Phone

Once you receive this email with the code you can follow these basic steps to unlock your Samsung mobile phone.

  • Switch off your Samsung mobile phone and remove the current carrier’s SIM card. Now insert the new carriers SIM card and switch on your Samsung mobile phone.
  • In doing so, you will be prompted to enter the unlock code for that phone. Enter the unlocking number that you received from Unlockninja
  • If this process was done correctly you will now see your Samsung mobile is connected to the new network.

What If the Phone not prompt for Unlock Code -Troubleshooting

For detailed instructions just check how to unlock Samsung Phone with unlock code.

How to Use “mobile device unlock app” to Unlock Samsung Phone

For detailed instructions just check how to unlock Samsung Phone with Device Unlock App

Let us start now!

Still got questions? Check out these FAQs or write to us

Q. Do I need any technical knowledge to unlock Samsung phones?

A.  NO. You don’t need any technical knowledge or background for being able to generate an unlock code for your Samsung phone. You can simply order your code on Unlockninja and follow the simple instructions above to Unlock Samsung Phone permanently and safely.

Q. How safe is it to unlock a Samsung phone?

A.  Unlocking your Samsung mobile bought from any country is a legal and safe process. No harm is done to your handset in the process of unlocking. No data is lost or deleted, unless in some cases where you will be intimated before the process.

Q. Is it legal to unlock Samsung phone?

A. Yes. Unlocking is a legal process and we are a registered taxpaying company as well.

Q. How long does it take to unlock a Samsung phone?

A. In most cases, depending upon the model number of your phone, the country of purchase, the current network it is locked with and the network you want to shift to, we take between 4-8 days.

Q. Is my money safe? What is your refund policy?

A. Your money is absolutely safe with us. We have a 100% refund policy in case we fail to provide you with a code that unlocks your Samsung phone. For details on the same please find the terms and conditions

Q. Which Samsung models are supported for unlocking on your website?

A. We can Unlock all Samsung models. To name a few:

Q. What all networks can be unlocked for Samsung devices?

A. We work with all major network providers worldwide. To name a few:

  • Unlock Samsung Phone AT&T Network
  • Unlock Samsung Phone MetroPCS Network
  • Unlock Samsung Phone T-Mobile  Network
  • Unlock Samsung Phone Cricket  Network
  • Unlock Samsung Phone  Orange Network
  • Unlock Samsung Phone Vodafone Network
  • Unlock Samsung Phone 3 Hutchison Network
  • Unlock Samsung Phone Telcel  Network

If your network is not listed here, please enter your phone model on from above drop down menu and click to unlock now, on the next page select your country and find your network.

If you still have any query you can Contact US

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