What Is Samsung Reactivation Lock And How Does It Differ From Network Lock?

Samsung’s Reactivation Lock v. Network Lock

Many phone users get confused between reactivation lock and network lock. If you have similar queries as what is reactivation on Samsung phone and is it different from network unlock Samsung phone, then here you can clear all your doubts.


What is Samsung Reactivation Lock?

Similar to iCloud lock or Find My iPhone activation lock in Apple phones, Samsung phones also have the smart feature to lock the phone from being used or get activated on factory resetting when the Samsung phone gets stolen or lost. Reactivation lock is a factory reset protection that calls for a Samsung account username and password every time before the factory reset of the Samsung device. This username and password are either known to the original user or to Samsung and can’t be found elsewhere. Thus, if the Samsung user has activated the reactivation lock on Samsung, the security of the Samsung phone is assured. You can unlock Samsung FRP at Unlockninja.

How to turn on Reactivation Lock on Samsung?

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ in ‘Apps’. Follow it by tapping on ‘Security’.
  2. Tap on the checkbox next to the reactivation lock to tick the checkbox.
  3. Click ‘OK after reading the information that appeared after step 3.
  4. Enter the password and click on confirm. Remember this password or take a note of it at a safe place because if you will need to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy anytime, you will need this password.
  5. The lock will enable after completing step 4.

How to disable Samsung Reactivation Lock?

  1. Tap ‘Apps’ on the home screen.
  2. Go to ‘Security’ in the ‘Settings’ menu. In between, you may have to select the ‘System’ tab.
  3. Uncheck the box against Reactivation Lock by scrolling down for it.
  4. Enter the Samsung Account password (which you entered at the time of activating the lock) on the prompt asking for it.
  5. The reactivation lock will immediately disable if you entered the correct password.

One can turn-on the reactivation lock immediately after purchasing it and can keep it turned on till he plans to resell it. If a reactivation lock is active no one will be able to factory reset the phone without the consent of the original authorized user of the phone as the username and passwords are known only to him. All Samsung phones which have OS Android Lollipop 5.1 or a higher version features this reactivation lock (also called FRP-Factory Reset Protection). To know how to bypass Google Account verification on Samsung Reactivation Lock Click here.

What is Network Locked Samsung Phone?

On the other hand, network lock refers to locking the Samsung device to its home network. This implies that the Samsung device cannot be used with any network other than the home network. Unlike the feature of reactivation lock which is built-in on all Samsung phones and comes along while purchasing Samsung phones, network lock is imposed on those Samsung devices which are purchased on lucrative deals on the condition that they will have to stick to the given network for a fixed period. In contrast with reactivation locks, Samsung network locks can be unlocked legally by phone unlocking services. Network unlock in a Samsung phone will allow the Samsung user to enjoy the flexibility to switch between networks for want of saving calling and data cost and for increasing the resale value of the Samsung model. Phone unlocking services like ours, Unlockninja offer Samsung phone unlock code specific to the model requiring network unlock. Our generated authentic Samsung IMEI unlocks can network unlock Samsung Galaxy A20 or any  Samsung model whose unlock code generation request was made. Besides, our services are the best in the industry. Click here to get your network unlocking code for Samsung phones and unlock Samsung phone in 3 easy steps.

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