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How to unlock iPhone 6, Samsung and other phones?

How to unlock iPhone 6, Samsung and other phones?

Unlocking your phone with us is a very easy, quick and safe process. Lets assume that you would like to unlock iPhone 6, that is locked with AT&T USA.

From the first drop down menu - please select the brand/ manufacturer of your phone. We are taking an example to unlock iPhone 6, so you should select Apple from the brand selection menu.

Once you have selected the brand, we will show all the available phone models within this brand. You should be able to chose from iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and all other models if you selected Apple as your phone brand.

Please select the Country from the drop down menu and then you will be able to select the Network provider that your phone is currently locked to. In our example, you should be selecting USA as the Country and AT&T as the Network provider. DO NOT CHOSE THE COUNTRY AND NETWORK YOU WANT TO USE.

We also ask that you enter your valid email id to be able to receive the unlocking code and instructions.

Most phones are locked by network providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc, and some of the network providers are operational in more than one country (like Vodafone). It is very important for you to select the right country and network to which your phone is currently locked.

You will be shown with a selection of unlocking tools with their respective costs. For some phones there might only be one tool handpicked by our team of experts while there might be more than one tool available for other phones. Tools can be separated based on your contract status with the network provider and/ or the speed of unlock code generation.

Upon successful payment, you will be prompted with login details to a secure customer portal where you will need to enter your IMEI number. We don't take IMEI number before payment is successful for security reasons.

What all phones do you unlock

What all phones do you unlock?

We unlock literally over few thousand of phones that are locked to different Country and Network combinations. iPhone 6, iPhone 5, ZTE, Samsung and Motorola are only to name a few.

How long will it take to unlock my phone?

We process your phone's unlocking as soon as you make the payment and provide us your IMEI. We show an estimated delivery time before you make an order with us and this excludes Saturday's and Sundays and other Public holidays. So, for instance, if you are making an order on Friday with expected delivery time as 2 days - it is most likely to be delivered on Tuesday (Friday + 2 days = Monday and Tuesday). Most networks do not work/ support unlocking requests over the weekends.

Some times delivery time can take longer than expected. We process your order(s) immediately upon your payment and provide you with unlocking status as soon as the network providers update us. All this process is fully automated so there's never a delay from our side. We can not cancel your order until before 30 days of order processing date because we pay to our suppliers up front for every unlock request and if its delayed from network then we can not do anything about it.

Please be patient while we work with your network provider to permanently unlock your phone. If we are unsuccessful to unlock your phone after this - we will fully refund your money automatically.

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What if my phone can not be unlocked even after payment?

We unlock a large number of phones every day from a variety of phone manufacturers and telecom network providers. However, for multiple reasons, not every phone can be unlocked. We do have a high success rate but there are some failures too. We provide 100% money back guarantee after you provide a video proof of the code not working. In the cases where we are not able to generate an unlocking code - we return your full money automatically.

You’ll get amazing support every step of the way

Everything is very easy and automated when you make an unlocking order with us. However, we do understand that you might have questions before or after your purchase and our support team is very happy to help at every single step of your journey with us.

Simply go to our Contact us page and leave a message and our team will get back to you within 24 hours on a usual working day. We might take longer than 24 hours to reply on weekends.

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"Support was very helpful while I was not able to locate my IMEI. I got the unlock code within 2 hours of my order"

Client Reviews

"I have been saving a ton of money on international roaming. Thanks to UnlockNinja for permanently unlocking my iphone 6"

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