How To Get Instant Cash For Your Old Phone With Better Resale Value

Are you looking for selling your old cellphone for a better price? Phones are required to be sold at some point with the chunk of changes. Choosing the best phones of the moment for keeping their value over time is quite an efficient option. Whether you want an upgrade or in need of money, it is important to generate profit while selling your old cellphone.

Factors Affecting The Resale Price:

Are you looking for the best way to sell your cellphone for a good price? Knowing about the Mobile Resale price is quite important so that you can save more money in the process. Every cellphone would decrease in value within the few years of its purchase from the market. It is quite important to find the optimum way to dispose of the mobile phone. Mobile Resale Value will be calculated based on the various factors that include the

  • Condition
  • Brand
  • Warranty
  • Time

How To Find Phone Resale Value?

Smartphones have become major investments, and there are solid cost-friendly options that would provide you better option to sell your device for a good profit. The good news is that you can still get a good deal for your Smartphone. Finding the resale value of Smartphone lets to get amazing profit to the excellence. Normally, there are also effective platforms that would help you to sell your mobile. You can simply upload the photo along with the specification. It is quite a convenient option to choose

  • Select Country
  • Brand of the Mobile phone
  • Age of mobile used
  • Working Condition of your mobile
  • The appearance of Used mobile
  • Battery Backup Condition of mobile
  • Apparatus availability
  • Warranty available if the Phone being sold

Unlocking Your Phone With UnlockNinja For Increasing Resale Value:

With choosing UnlockNinja, it is quite an efficient option to unlock your phone. Unlocking your Phone online lets you to easily increase the resale value of the devices and gives you better profit. No matter what network or country you use, UnlockNinja is helpful to use with your existing mobile phone. This process is 100% legal as well as secure to unlock your phone. There is no software to be installed or hardware required for the process. UnlockNinja partnered with all the network and phone manufacturers.

  • Open UnlockNinja
  • Choose your phone
  • Enter your phone model
  • Search your phone directly

How To Maximize Resale Value Of Your Unlocked Mobile?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your Smartphone, it is important to improve the resale value of the device that helps you save more money. Below are some of the important factors to be considered while increasing the resale value of the device. It is quite an efficient option for having knowledge about these before selling your Smartphone with a good resale value.

Wait For The Peak Value:

For getting the maximum profit, it is quite important to sell at the appropriate time. Several new models have been introduced every year. When you are looking to sell your devices for a better price, then selling within the year is an efficient option. Operating System plays an important part in adding value.

Adding Protection For Device:

One of the important factors to understand is that you are setting the selling price even from the first day of using the device. Screen protectors, as well as the condition of cases, have an effect on the value of the phone. Make sure the phone is in optimal condition before selling it. With using the appropriate case as well as screen protection, it is quite an efficient option for reducing scratches. Your phone looks quite new while using Smartphone protection. Screen protection also helps in keeping the display from cracking or breaking. Most people also look at the screen before buying the devices.

Recycling Option:

In the modern-day, you could also option for the smart way for easily selling the Smartphone. Whether you are choosing the online or land-based platform for selling your device, you can also select the appropriate recycling stores. Compare and recycle phones by easily looking at stores that offer the best fair price.

Avoid Water Damage:

When your mobile has water damages, then these would reduce the value of the resale value. It is quite important to protect the Smartphone from water damage and maintain the value. A common form of water damage is accidentally dropping into water.

Avoid Exposure To Sun Or Rain:

When you are exposing your mobile to the sun or rain too much, then you could easily improve the working efficiency. It also plays an important option in increasing the value of LCD screens. It is also necessary to avoid storing or using in dusty or dirty places. These could automatically undermine the circuitry as well as other components in the devices.

Adding Useful Extras:

Adding useful things is considered as the best way to add value to the phone. To increase the value of your phone, it is a better option for including many numbers of attributes that includes

  • Original packages
  • Adaptor
  • SIM slot key
  • Dashboard holders
  • Wireless charges
  • Desktop docks
  • Cases

It is quite an efficient option for adding more number of low-cost extras that give better value and efficiency for the devices. Keeping the memory of the device clean is quite important. Overuse of the RAM would decrease the efficiency of the devices.


Physical and software also include faulty components in the phone. Phone with the lower than average battery life obviously sells for lesser than the expected price. When you are looking to increase the resale value of the Smartphone, then considering the above tips would be a suitable option.

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