Exclusive ways to connect TikiTunes to iPhone easily

Everyone wishes to listen to music during the travel time or free hours. Of course, it relaxes our mind and makes our mood refreshing always. So, we need to buy speakers to listen to our favorite music. A Bluetooth speaker can fulfill the requirements soon as possible. Perhaps, picking amazing Bluetooth speakers provides a quick solution to hear and feel the music. Of course, TikiTunes portable 6-watt Bluetooth speaker has a built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. You can hear music continuously for up to 6 hours of playtime. The warm LED ambient light emits flickering and shows as per the atmospheric effects.

TikiTunes is the coolest speaker that has amazing features and easy to connect. If you use iPhone, you can connect to this Bluetooth speaker and hear the music. It is very easy to pair with Android device and iPhone. But in this post, you will check the basic steps to connect TikiTunes to the iPhone without any hassles. In this post, we will show you step by step easy procedure to connect TikiTunes to iPhone. Follow them and have a great time to hear and feel the music via Bluetooth speakers.

Ways to connect TikiTunes to iPhone

  • Turn on TikiTunes

At first, you have to turn on the TikiTunes by pressing the power button. When using, please ensure to charge the speaker 100% full. So, it delivers the quick solution for users to grab the benefits of hearing music. Of course, there is no need to control it using some apps. You can turn on or off the flickering ambient light when it is necessary. During the nighttime, flickering light provides an enjoyable and charming ambience. You can delight in music by seeing amazing light settings.

  • Connect with iPhone

When you open the setting options on iPhone, switch on the Bluetooth. You will see the TikiTunes Bluetooth network name and press the name to pair up with iPhone. After successful pairing, it is suitable for now to enjoy your favorite music. Of course, it is an advanced Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect it from a long distance.

  • Dual connectivity

Most probably, you can connect 2 TikiTunes speakers to enhance the balance and coverage. Of course, it is capable for us to pair up with TikiTunes two speakers easily. You can place them on the same table to enhance the balance. You may repeat the methods for other speakers as well. Now, you will enjoy your favorite music from the two TikiTunes Bluetooth speakers connected with your iPhone.

What are the features of TikiTunes Bluetooth speakers?

TikiTunes speakers, on the other hand, have lots of benefits. Of course, they deliver a wonderful solution for hearing music completely without any hassles. Let us see the features one by one in detail.

  • Appealing sound quality

Unlike others, TikiTunes speakers have a built-in stereo effect of delivering punchy bass and high-quality sound. You will hear the music and feel it for sure. Of course, it provides crystal clear sound effects when hearing it and feels the music.

  • Easy pair up options

In general, you can connect two TikiTunes speakers for extended coverage. They deliver a wonderful music experience that let you hear anytime, anywhere. You can place it side by side and spread music in the wide-area without any hassles. It allows you to enjoy yourself more and more by connecting two speakers in the same place.

  • Tiki torchlight

On the other hand, the torchlight is the most attractive feature in TikiTunes. Of course, it is yellow LED flickering light. It ensures a charming environment at night and feels almost like a DJ show. The light blinks as per the music beat, which is a more enjoyable one for us.

  • Long playtime

The battery standup has nearly 6 to 10 hours of running capacity. The TikiTunes speakers have a 2000 mAh powerful battery. It ensures a long-lasting performance on hearing music completely. You can charge it for 2.5 hours to complete the charge. So, it provides long-lasting performance for everyone.

  • Portable and durable

Of course, it has less lightweight and ensures to take a proper outcome. It has the strong build quality to ensure safe and long-lasting performance. Speaker can withstand any conditions and works effectively.

Importance of TikiTunes speakers:

Unlike others, TikiTunes speakers have lots of features. They used widely by iPhone users to hear the music at night time with lighting effects. It is compatible and more enjoyable to hear the music anytime in your home. The control buttons are easy to adjust and operate accordingly. They provide easy options to extend the speakers by connecting with others. With its inbuilt capacity battery, this speaker gives you long-lasting performance. So, everyone is using this speaker for hearing music with a proper control system.

Final words

To conclude, you will find out some easy steps to connect TikiTunes speakers to the iPhone. In this post, you will find out some important features and how to connect the speakers. They provide an instant solution for making proper guidance for connecting them to iPhone users. During the nighttime, you will enjoy a lot by seeing flickering night effects.

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