IMEI Check Before Unlocking

Why Is It Necessary To Check IMEI Number Before Ordering For An Unlock Code?

This article in detail informs you of reasons why you should check the status of your IMEI number before ordering for an Unlock Code. IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit number. It is the identification number of all mobile equipment worldwide and is unique to every device. IMEI number of every device is very important. IMEI number is not only used to identify devices but also to unlock AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS and phones of other manufacturers from their current network provider or blacklist them when the devices get stolen. For unlocking a phone from a current network provider, the users of network locked phones can hire online phone unlocking services like ours, Unlockninja. Here, you can share your IMEI number with us so that we can generate unique unlock code for the device to be unlocked.

Getting your phone unlocked with us ensures that you can unlock your phone quickly and permanently. Furthermore, the services offered by renowned online phone unlocking services like Unlockninja are proven to be the best in the industry. Quick and dependable services of Unlockninja are unbeatable, especially with such affordable pricing offered by them. Our charges to legally unlock a locked phone are much lower in comparison with other phone unlocking services in the industry. Another distinguished service that users of locked phones from any part of the world enjoy with Unlockninja is that we offer a service where you can check whether your IMEI is even eligible for unlocking. This is because the phones with Blacklisted IMEI are not legally unlocked by Unlockninja similar to other phone unlocking services online. So, as an esteemed organization, we want our users to make an informed choice. To know more about what IMEI Blacklisting is and when can IMEI be blacklisted click here.

Though Unlockninja refunds the money for clean devices that could not be unlocked, it is always recommended for TracFone, Net10, Clearway, Verizon, Simple Mobile and other phone users to do their homework before ordering for unlock code to unlock their device. For this, the users must check if their Telecel, Safelink, Family Mobile or a model of any other manufacturer is blacklisted or not. As you may know, your phone’s IMEI number helps to figure out the Blacklist status of your phone. Checking for the IMEI number of your device before placing the order for unlocking it becomes necessary. Knowing the IMEI number and phone blacklist status reduces hassles for you and the phone unlocking services. As when an unlocking service provider fails to generate unlock code, most of the times they check your IMEI eligibility, for which they make a payment to your service provider and thus are not in a condition to refund.

If a layman doesn’t know how to check the IMEI number in the phone, then dial *#06# and the IMEI number will be displayed. To further verify the Blacklist Status of a device enter the IMEI number of your phone on the website of Unlockninja and you will soon get the revert with the blacklist status of the IMEI number you shared at a very nominal fee. Once the phone users of Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Safelink, Straight Talk, Family Mobile or other network providers and manufacturers are sure that their device is eligible for unlocking and only locked to a given network then they can conveniently place an order for unlock code on our website. This unlock code will unlock the phone under consideration as soon as it is entered into the device.

Other benefits of hiring us are that the interface of our website is user-friendly due to which it becomes effortless for the global phone users to share their phone-related details with us. Next, the payment gateway on their website is also trustworthy. Furthermore, we deliver authentic unlock code (specific to your device) online, thereby reducing your hassles of wandering around in search of unlock code for your phone. The prompt response to customer’s queries is an added advantage of joining hands with Unlockninja. Besides the quick generation of an authentic unlock code for any device, Unlockninja also extends its guide about how to enter the code in the device under consideration correctly so that the device unlocks in the first go. It is another praiseworthy service offered by them. Such a pack of services to unlock phone is hard to find elsewhere other than Unlockninja 

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