How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone Yourself

The Boost Mobile’s cell phones are sold locked to their network which makes it absolutely necessary for you to unlock it so that they can work with another carrier.There are certain eligibility requirements that you need to fulfill if you want to unlock your boost mobile phone

Boost mobile unlocking requirements

The process of unlocking your boost mobile can be easy if you satisfy some eligibility requirements. 

  1. It has to be activated for at least 12 months.
  2. The payment has been made within the last 90 days of that 12-month activation anniversary.
  3. It must be capable of unlocking. 
  4. The boost mobile account must be in good standing. 
  5. It should not be reported as lost, stolen, or flagged for unlocking eligibility.
  6. The phone should be from Boost mobile. 

Out of the above eligibility requirements, the most important eligibility requirement is that it must be activated for at least 12 months. 

Unlocking policy of Boost Mobile 

The unlocking policy is quite easy and simple for current customers. Some unlocking instructions only need to be fulfilled and then you need to get in touch with Boost customer service for unlocking instructions. Your phone may not be compatible with your preferred carrier once it is unlocked. Therefore, before doing anything make sure it is possible to BYOP (Bring your own phone). 

Most newer phones are cross-compatible across all carriers, so you will not face any such problems. But some older phones from Verizon and Sprint work only with each other as they use the same CDMA technology. Older phones which are on AT&T and T-mobile are only compatible with each other because they use GSM technology. 


Unlocking your phone — Military requirements

The requirements for the military people differ. The boost mobile can be unlocked at your request with proof of deployment. The minimum amount of time you need to use your phone with boost is not applicable. Each number associated with your military account can unlock upto two devices per year. 

Unlocking the phone of current boost customers

For a current boost customer who has fulfilled all the eligible requirements as mentioned above, the process of unlocking is very easy.

  1. Call Boost customer service.
  2. Get the unlock code.
  3. Input said code.

Unlocking the phone of Non-boost customers

For a non-boost customer, the process of unlocking is a bit tedious. 

  1. The Boost Mobile phone number or account number last associated with the phone, or
  2. In case you do not have that, you will need to contact the person whom you bought the phone from and get that info from them.

If you can’t do either of these things, then Boost will not unlock your device and you’ll have to use it on Boost Mobile’s network for the required amount of time before you try unlocking it again.

For unlocking a boost mobile phone, you can visit

Follow the below mentioned steps to unlock Samsung Boost Mobileunlock LG Boost Mobile and unlock Motorola Boost Mobile at a low cost

  1. Select your phone. 
  2. Select the model of the phone.
  3. Go to UNLOCK NOW.
  4. Select your country.
  5. Select boost network

Benefits of unlocking a boost mobile phone from Unlockninja

  1. The phone can be unlocked in three easy steps.
  2. It is 100% safe and legal for the phone.
  3. It has the fastest delivery with automated email alerts.
  4. It gives global coverage supporting all major brands and networks.


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