How to Sell your Phone for the Best Price?

Buying a phone is still easy but selling a phone is a real pain. Most of the carriers, these days, offer very alluring trade-in programs, but it does not mean that they are going to give you the best price. For instance, an unlocked iPhone X can be sold for at least $700 on eBay, even without the accessories, provided it is in excellent condition. You can earn a great amount of money if you do not trade it with carriers.  If you want to sell your phone for the best price then you have to make sure that you keep your phone in a really good condition. The phone with everything completely intact will always fetch you the best price.

Increasing the market value of your phone is not a difficult task. You can easily do so if you follow the ways mentioned below :

  1. Ensure that you set a higher price point ( but within a fair price range ) as the buyers will certainly bargain with you and you will have to bring it down to the price point for them.  
  2. Do not stick to just one platform, try selling your phone on other platforms as well. Apart from your carrier, there are other legitimate platforms where your phone and other gadgets can be sold like swappa, Amazon, uSell and Best Buy, Glyde, Gazelle, Apple ( for iPhones ), NextWorth. Out of these, only Ebay and Best Buy send you gift cards or vouchers but for others you need to go to the store or mail your phone for a physical check-up.
  3. Provide the accessories with the phone. The point is to sell all those items that you got it for free with the phone like headset, charger and other accessories including the original packaging. It will increase the market value of the phone drastically. Sites such as Ebay offer higher for sellers who add accessories only if they are in good condition. If you sell chargers and headphones to your buyers along with the phones then they will not have to buy them from outside. This will automatically increase the market value of the phone.
  4. Make sure you upload enough pictures and videos of your phone in order to get noticed very easily. Adding more photos will only prove how legitimate the phone is. The photos will give a true picture to the potential buyers about the condition of the phone. You also have the option of selling your phone on Facebook marketplace if you are not selling on trading sites.
  5. Before you go about selling the phone, make sure you unlock it. A locked phone will decrease the number of buyers instantly. You can unlock ZTE phone, unlock Samsung phone, unlock Apple iPhone, unlock HTC phone, Unlock LG phone, Unlock Motorola phone, Unlock Sony phone and Unlock Huawei phone with the best cell phone unlocking service — Unlockninja. Network and factory unlocking of android phones are also provided. 

Prerequisites of selling your old phone 

  1. Check the system of your phone if you have not used your phone for the last 3 months. It might need a system update or have a drained battery. It is always better to try using the phone at least one day to verify if you are facing any issues or not.
  2. Remove the SIM card and the memory card before selling. It is quite obvious that you would not want to share your personal information with the buyer. You do not have to delete the data of your memory card if you are not selling the memory along with your phone.
  3. Android users should sign out of their google account before selling the phone for letting the new user be able to use it as they will need your password.
  4. The most important prerequisite out of all is to delete all the personal data on the phone. Cache, emails, saved passwords, deleted videos and pictures, IDs etc. By doing this, you are not only shielding your phone data from being stolen but also increasing the market value of your phone. Android users can easily backup the data to their Google account. Bringing the phone to the default mode can do wonders to the phone. It can increase the memory of the phone manifold.

If you are thinking of selling your old phone through a legitimate platform rather than your carrier, then you must try Ebay as it provides the highest offer, however, it does not pay you in cash.

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