How to remove FRP lock from any Huawei android phone

Do you ever worry what will happen if your phone gets stolen or lost? Google has come up with an amazing security feature to secure your phone even better. It is called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). But with this feature, you must remember the google name and password that was used to set up the device. And if you happen to forget them, you can bypass google account verification.

Knowing how FRP and Google Account verification work is the most important thing. So let us learn that in a detailed manner.

Google Account verification is not only effective but also a simple method of security. You all must be aware of when a new account is set up, you need to enter your google account and also have to verify that you are the genuine owner of that account by clicking through a link in the email. However, what most people are not aware of is that when an android phone is set up with a google account. The factory reset protection feature is enabled automatically. Therefore, in case your phone gets stolen or lost, the user cannot access your device unless the user knows the last Google username and password that was used to set up the device. 

There are instances when the Factory Reset Protection is not useful. When you sell your phone and the user cannot use. That is why learning how to bypass google account verification is important.

Let us do the important task quickly and understand how to bypass Google FRP lock.

  1. Disable FRP. 
  2. You can reset the device to bypass verification. (It happens on some devices)
  3. Bypass verification can also be done through a series of manoeuvres. (It happens only on some devices)
  4. APK tool can also be used to bypass verification.

In order to bypass Google Account verification, we should be clear on how to disable Factory Reset protection.  

It is the most easiest method to bypass Google Account verification. You need to follow certain steps as follows:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Cloud and Accounts. (On some devices, this may be just Accounts and then you’ll skip the next step.)
  3. Tap on Accounts.
  4. Search and tap on Google Account.
  5. Tap on Remove Account.
  6. If you get a notification to verify that you want to remove your account. Tap on Remove Account.
  7. Your account will be removed.

Once the Google account has been removed, you will not have to worry about the FRP lock. In case you have sold your phone to someone else, you may want to do this before you ship the phone away or hand it over to the new user to make sure     the new owner won’t have access to (or need access to) your Google account credentials in order to access the phone.

Another method to bypass google verification is resetting the device. In this method, you can reset your phone to factory default. The few that you need to follow are : 

  1. In the reset process when you reach the Google Account verification screen, just press the BACK option so that you can go back to the WIRELESS NETWORK selection screen.
  2. Tap on the ADD NETWORK option.
  3. Enter some random letters or numbers in the NETWORK NAME text box.
  4. To highlight those random letters, just press and hold the letters and tap on SHARE on the menu.
  5. Select GMAIL when the list of sharing options appears.
  7. Then select ACCOUNT.
  8. You will get a notification to go to SETTINGS. Select CONTINUE if you get a notification for verification.
  10. Your Google account will be removed during the setup process and also the FRP lock.

The FRP lock can be removed from Huawei I22, P9 Lite, Y6, P20 Lite, Cam I21, P8 Lite, Y7.

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