Use the IMEI Unlock Method to Unlock Your iPhone 6

Use the IMEI Unlock Method to Unlock Your iPhone 6

Saving money, an elevated number of options for network and the leverage to customize your device as per your wish is something you would appreciate any day. It is a kind of pleasure only an unlocked iPhone 6 can provide. There are no roaming charges, and you can go with the data plan or call tariff you feel. However, while unlocking your iPhone 6, consider a legally safe procedure. If your investments comprise an iPhone 6, it may probably be one that locked to a particular network service provider. In that case, read on to discover one of the best ways to unlock your iPhone 6.

Safety First

There are various ways to unlock iPhone 6, such as the hardware method and the IMEI method. If you opt for the hardware method, you are risking your iPhone 6. In case you fail to deliver the technical expertise required to implement it, you may end up losing data on your iPhone 6 or hampering it in some way or the other. Even worse, it could stop working altogether. Thus, it is important to use a method that keeps your iPhone 6 safe. And the IMEI method suits this description in the most appropriate manner.

Use the Official IMEI Method

The official IMEI method not only offers absolute security and keeps your warranty intact but also happens to be the simplest method. To implement the same, all you need to do is enter the official IMEI number of your iPhone 6 to a reliable and trustworthy unlocking website such as Once you do that, Apple will send a confirmation mail mentioning the unlocking of your iPhone 6 has been successful. But the next step of this method, which is equally essential, needs you to connect your iPhone 6 to the PC or Macintosh and initiate iTunes. Once you do that, you can opt any SIM to provide you with network service. To unlock iPhone 6 right away, log on to one of the most trustworthy websites,

Beneficial Points

There are many beneficial points of unlocking your iPhone 6 using the IMEI method. They are as follows:

  • This procedure is totally legal and highly effective
  • It is the safest and hence does not affect features, performance, and warranty of your iPhone 6.
  • After your iPhone 6 is unlocked, you may choose to update it as per your desired basebands and firmware.

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