Unlock Your iPhone 6s and Customize it Your Way

Unlock Your iPhone 6s and Customize it Your Way

Almost every wireless network provider locks their handsets to their own networks so that they can prevent the buyers of their devices from switching to any other network or carrier provider. Carrier providers choose to lock their phones simply because they don’t want their users to opt for the competitor network. This also allows them (network providers) to make a great deal of money through their monthly call plans and contracts. However, as a customer, you are at loss, since you have no other option but to stick with just one network provider. Also, you end up paying exorbitant roaming charges, every time you travel to another city or country. This is precisely why many people choose to unlock their Smartphone’s. So, if you are using a locked iPhone 6s and want to unlock it, the details highlighted below will certainly favor your needs.

Unlocking Benefits Galore

There are several benefits of unlocking iPhone 6s. To begin with, you can insert a local SIM card of the network provider of your choice and pay less roaming charges, every time you have to travel abroad. Unlocking allows you to modify the features of your iPhone 6s as per your requirements. When you opt for IMEI unlocking method, you ensure complete safety of your device. The IMEI method is permanent and does not damage your smartphone at all. It is also considered legal since it is done via Apple servers. In order to unlock your iPhone 6s using the IMEI method, you will have to first send the IMEI code to Apple’s database and in turn you will receive a message from the company notifying that the unlocking procedure has been successfully completed. You must then connect your iPhone 6s to your Mac or PC and launch iTunes and your device will be ready to use with any other network of your choice.

Warranty Stays Intact

Using the official Apple IMEI unlocking procedure ensures that the warranty of your iPhone 6s remains intact. Besides, you also get the opportunity to factory unlock your device for any firmware/baseband on a permanent basis. Therefore, if you don’t wish to ‘Jailbreak’ or use any software to unlock iPhone 6s, then opt for IMEI unlocking, as it ensures hassle-free and smooth unlocking. Once unlocked, you can enjoy additional customization, explore the many other features of your iPhone 6s, and also control the entire ecosystem of your iPhone 6s the desired way.

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