Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Choose Your Service Provider

Unlock Your HTC One (M8) and Choose Your Service Provider

One of the most widely used smartphones compatible with Android, HTC One (M8) is a handset that a lot of network service providers offer to customers. However, in case you wish to switch to another network and get rid of your existing network service provider for any reasons whatsoever, then it would be advisable for you to unlock HTC One (M8) at the earliest. Unlocking your HTC One (M8) will let you use any network’s SIM card you desire or choose as per your requirements, especially while you are abroad.

You will incur a lot of roaming charges when you are abroad and if you are stuck with your default network. Making calls might make you feel like a pauper. But, what if you could just step into a country’s border, buy an SIM card from the local area, insert it into your phone and use it normally? It is possible with an unlocked HTC One (M8) phone. To know more about how to unlock, read on.

Methods of Unlocking

There are various methods that you may use to unlock your HTC One (M8). Carrier unlocking method is one where you have to contact the default carrier provider. To proceed with this procedure, you need to ensure that all your bills as per the contract you have with your device have paid. In case you haven’t paid up, there are other methods as well. Read on.

HTC One CID Change

This one requires you to have ample technical expertise. It is pretty risky, and your handset’s warranty doesn’t cover it. In fact, after using this, your warranty becomes void. The reason behind this is that a change in the CID will change the regional status of your phone. In this procedure, you don’t need to to enter codes for unlocking, but for sure there are risks. A small mistake and you lose the HTC One (M8) since there is no warranty to cover it.

 Unlock by Your Default Service Provider

It is a secure and easy method that doesn’t need any technical expertise. This process is not only hassled free but also covered by the warranty of the HTC One (M8). And it is so simple that a layman can implement it. You need send your device’s IMEI code to the trusted company such as Unlockninja that offers unlocking services. The company will then send an unlock code for your handset, in less than five minutes. The code helps you in unlocking your HTC One (M8). In fact, you can avail money back guarantee if it fails to send a code to unlock HTC One (M8), or the code fails.

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