Top Tips for Unlocking Your Precious iPhone 5s

Top Tips for Unlocking Your Precious iPhone 5s

Apple’s iPhone 5s is an extremely efficient and smart device that is packed with some of the finest features and apps. However, if you wish to use your iPhone 5s to its fullest capacity, then consider unlocking the device. Your iPhone 5s can be unlocked in multiple ways including, hardware unlocking, software unlocking, jailbreaking, and IMEI unlocking. However, if you want to unlock your iPhone 5s legally and safely, then opt for the IMEI code unlocking method.

Why unlock?

The biggest advantage of unlocking your iPhone 5s will come in the form of network compatibility. Simply put, by unlocking, you can use it with any other GSM network provider of your choice. Thus, you won’t have to stick to just one carrier provider and will have multiple SIM options before you. Apart from this, unlocking helps you modify the features of your iPhone and apply the settings that you are fond of. You can also update the firmware of your iPhone 5s once you have successfully unlocked the device.

How to proceed?

To unlock iPhone 5s you need to get in touch with an unlocking service providing site. Next, you need to select the original GSM network that your iPhone 5s is tied to. After this, you will have to proceed further by sharing your gadget’s IMEI code with the unlocking service providing company and in turn it will provide you with a confirmation mail. Typically, a confirmation mail is delivered anywhere between few hours and a couple of days, depending upon the GSM carrier you have been using. The moment you get the email, restore iTunes in your iPhone 5s and you will receive a message, which confirms that your device has been securely unlocked.

Things to Remember

While unlocking iPhone 5s is simple and easy, there are certain points that you must carefully check before proceeding with the unlocking request. Following are all the important points that you need to pay heed to:

  • Your iPhone 5s must be locked with its existing network
  • You must have paid all your fees, monthly bills and fulfilled all your financial contracts and commitments with regard to your iPhone 5s
  • Your iPhone 5s should under no circumstances be reported lost, stolen, blacklisted, or barred

After you have collated all the above information and determined that your device is eligible for unlocking, you can proceed with your unlocking request and follow all the unlocking instructions carefully. So, what are you waiting for? Get your iPhone 5s unlocked today!

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