Tips for Safe and Secure Cell Phone Unlocking

Tips for Safe and Secure Cell Phone Unlocking

When your phone can avail services of only one carrier, it becomes pretty annoying. We are in this era of communication where our phones can get almost everything done. But a locked phone restricts everything to the mercy of just one network. Apart from that, whenever you plan to travel outside the country or be in an international location, you need to be prepared to shell out a lot of money to the carrier brand your phone is locked to or find other means of communication. To avoid either of these situations and have a favorable solution, it is advisable for you to have your phone unlocked.

Methods Used to Unlock

A locked cell phone implies the presence of a software on the handset which keeps the subscriber identification number locked, thereby allocating a unique cell phone to the SIM card and vice versa. When this happens, the phone shall not be compatible with any other SIM card and the SIM card will also have the same fate, i.e., it won’t function with other handsets.

There are two technologies on which mobile phones and SIM cards are based. They are GMS and CDMA. In case of CDMA phones, the SIM card cannot be changed, i.e., the same SIM card will have to be used for the same phone throughout. But in case of GSM, handsets can go for various SIM cards, if they are unlocked. While unlocking a GSM phone is possible in many ways, the code unlocking process which uses the IMEI of your phone is the easiest.

Unlocking Tips and How it is Performed

A locked phone will only give you regrets. You should unlock Cell phone the moment you have it to avail several benefits. Firstly, you can use  SIM cards of various carrier providers as per your choice and requirements. Secondly, you shall be able to update your firmware and selected apps, which a locked handset doesn’t allow. There are a few tips for unlocking your cell phone. They are as follows:

  • Have the IMEI code of your handset with you prior to looking for unlocking service providers
  • Make sure the provider you approach is authorized, reputed, and experienced
  • Before you go for unlocking cell phone, make sure it has been fully activated with your default service provider
  • All your bills should be paid. In case there is something pending you might have trouble unlocking

It is absolutely legal to unlock your cell phone with this procedure and in case you have issues finding a genuine service provider, log on to

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