Official iPhone Unlock

Official iPhone Unlock

  • Our Services – We specialize in unlocking iPhones. Our services are quick, guaranteed and come with a refund policy unlike other sites that may take long and keep you waiting to unlock with no guarantee or refund.
  • Commitment – We are committed to deliver results in a tat of 48 hours and have expertise in performing IMEI based factory unlocking for various versions of iPhone.
  • Working Style – Our work style involves official IMEI unlocking by listing it in the Apple iTunes database. All we require is your iPhone IMEI for checking and confirming the carrier of your iPhone. iPhone factory unlock is performed without tampering or breaching IMEI. The result is that after unlocking your iPhone, its warranty does not end or expire and performance of all the features and functions of iPhone remain as perfect as they were. To add to this, you will also be able to sync or upgrade iPhone to the latest firmwares via iTunes without getting locked.
  • Work History – Our team of experts has not only unlocked iPhone 6 or iPhone 5, but also dealt with the various versions. They include iPhone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5c, 5s, 6+ on all modem firmwares and on versions of iOS from iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS7, and iOS
  • Customer Support – For all iPhone users having questions about how to unlock an iPhone, we proudly say we are a one stop shop for them and they would be buying value for money from us. Users can also reach our support staff in case of iPhone related various queries and not just limited to unlocking iPhone services. The support staff works from our UK based office and can be contacted during the week (Monday to Friday) between office hours (9:30am to 5:50pm GMT). To reach the support staff for your queries, you can find the contact details on our website.
  • We believe in quality and commitment and the trust placed by our clients (iPhone users) in us allows us guarantee results or we issue refund otherwise.

Unlock Procedure

Here is how you can officially IMEI unlock your Apple iPhone on a permanent basis.

  1. Select your Carrier which your iPhone is locked to.
  2. Key in the IMEI number of your iPhone.
  3. As directed, proceed and complete the payment procedure using Creditcard or Paypal.
  4. Once the payment is done, your request will be sent for unlocking your iPhone. You will receive the confirmation on your email regarding unlocking of your iPhone. This may take some time from few hours to few days as it entirely depends upon the Carrier of your iPhone.
  5. With the confirmation email, you will receive a request to sync the iPhone with iTunes. You will need a USB for performing the sync. Once sync is completed successfully, a message will be received on iTunes congratulating you and mentioning the successful unlocking of your iPhone.

IMPORTANT – Before proceeding to make the payment for iPhone IMEI unlocking, check and confirm your iPhone carrier if you are not aware or have a doubt about it.

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