How to unlock your ZTE phone by code to use any GSM Carrier

ZTE Phones have attracted a lot of eyeballs in the last couple of years. People are always curious to know about the new models that are going to be launched by the company. Within a few years, ZTE phones have created a niche for themselves in the android smartphones’ market and also managed to gain a great number of new buyers. The most important reason behind its popularity is the fact that it offers dozens of stunning features and that too at affordable prices. The most popular ZTE phones available these days in the market are ZTE Axon Elite, ZTE Nubia My Prague, ZTE Blade S6 Plus, the ZTE Maven, the ZTE Nubia Z9. 

Before,we get into the various benefits of unlocking the ZTE phones. Let us understand what unlocking of ZTE phones actually means.

The ZTE phones come locked with a particular network provider or GSM carriers like Vodafone, Verizon or T-Mobile. Therefore, in order to switch network providers for any reason, unlocking of your phone becomes absolutely necessary as an unlocked phone restricts the usage of your phone in more ways than one and also does not let you enjoy the phone to the fullest.

Some of the benefits of unlocking ZTE phones include: 

  1. You can enjoy different service providers. By unlocking your phone, you can choose the network provider that offers you the best plans and coverage as per your needs.
  2. You can avoid roaming charges. Travelling with a locked phone to a foreign country can attract high roaming charges. However, by unlocking your phone, you can use the local carrier SIM of the country you have travelled to without worrying about the roaming charges.
  3. You can resell an unlocked phone with great ease. Unlocked phones are easier to resell than the locked ones due to the fact that buyers are usually more attracted towards unlocked phones because they help them to use different GSM carriers and enjoy their phones to the fullest.
  4. You can easily customize an unlocked phone than a locked one. It means you can get full control over the various mobile applications on your phone because of the lack of locking software that can limit the access. You can even customize it to the extent of changing the look and feel of the phone.

The benefits stated above must have certainly given you an idea about the importance of getting your phone unlocked. Now the question arises how to go about doing that.

Prerequisites to unlocking a ZTE phone:

  1. There should not be any fraud with the ZTE phone.
  2. The phone should not be reported lost or stolen.
  3. Ensure your phone is locked by network or locked by “Device Unlock App”(For T-Mobile and MetroPCS Users).
  4. The phone should prompt for unlock code or SIM network unlock pin with a non-supported GSM network SIM card (Like if it is locked on AT&T then use T-Mobile SIM ).
  5. The IMEI Starting with 9900xxxxxxxxxx with locked on any CDMA network is not eligible to unlock.

You can carrier unlock your phone by the following two methods:

  • Via carrier

You can unlock your phone via carrier in any of the following ways:

  1. Every carrier or a network provider has a certain unlocking policy for unlocking the phones. The carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile all have different criteria as far as unlocking of the ZTE phones are concerned. For your convenience, let’s compare Verizon and Sprint to see how they are different in terms of unlocking policy. Verizon usually does not place a lock on most of their devices and even if it does it can be removed upon request in only 6 months into the contract whereas Sprint removes the lock on your device if you have been on the network for at least 50 days and also have purchased it in full.
  2. The contract with your carrier specifies that they must unlock your phone. However, it is always advisable to call them to confirm the same.
  3. You can buy the SIM card of your preferred network as it will help in installing it directly after unlocking the phone.
  4. You should make sure that you have all the information required by the carrier to unlock the phone.
  • IMEI number – You can find this by dialing *#06#.
  • Account holder’s information – It includes the first and last name of the account holder and also the last four digits of the social security number.
  • Phone number of the device – It includes the official number of the phone and also the area code.
  1. You can visit the store of the service provider if you don’t want to get your phone unlocked over the phone. 
  2. You need to enter the unlock code given by your carrier via notification. This can be done after installing a different SIM card and rebooting the device.
  • Via third-party service

  1. Firstly, you need to find an unlock service from which you can purchase stock unlock codes for your ZTE phone. Unlockninja is by far the best company that can help you with that and it also has been reviewed positively by the users.
  2. The next thing that a user must do before getting their ZTE phone unlocked by the company is to carry out thorough research about the company. You can look for forum posts, reviews of the users to make sure that the company is renowned and not a scam. A website that does not start with “HTTPS” are not genuine so never enter your phone or payment information on such a website. Apps cannot unlock the phones. Therefore, if any apps claims to do that refrain from downloading such apps.
  3. After you have decided upon the unlock service, you can open the service page of the company to acquire an unlock code.
  4. You need to find out the IMEI code of your ZTE phone. You can do so either by:
  • Dialling *#06
  • #.
  • Opening yo
  • ur phone’s settings tap About Phone, tap Status, and look for the “IMEI” heading. You need to look at the number below “IMEI” and not “IMEI SV.”
  1. After finding the IMEI code, enter the code into the IMEI field when given a notification. There are services which can ask you to enter your phone’s model.
  2. You can make the payment for the service availed after receiving a notification from the company. You can use payment services like PayPal. One of the benefits of availing a service like PayPal is that it provides a certain margin of time between the IMEI unlocking service and your bank information.  
  3. After making the payment, you need to purchase and install a SIM card. Needless to say, the SIM card must be supported. You can make a call to your carrier to confirm the same.
  4. A code field pops up as soon as you reboot your phone after installing the SIM card. Once you enter the unlock code, the SIM slot will be unlocked. 


How to get the unlock code for the ZTE phone  

In order to get the unlock code, you need to gather some basic information about your phone such as:

  1. The Make and model (Brand and model no like ZTE-Maven 2 OR Z831) of your locked phone.
  2. Your country where you purchased the phone from.
  3. Your current network provider’s name with whom your phone is currently locked with.
  4. Your currently active email id.
  5. The IMEI number of your phone (Dial *#06# to get IMEI No).

The IMEI is a 15-digit unique identification number. It is different for every phone regardless of its make and model. Even if a single-digit differs while entering it then you can receive a false unlock code. Therefore, the IMEI number should be given with the utmost care.

How to enter the unlock code to ZTE phone to unlock it permanently

  1. Insert the non-supported SIM card into your phone.
  2. A notification asking to enter the unlock code or SIM network unlock pin will appear.
  3. Enter the unlock code you received via mail.
  4. The phone is now unlocked permanently to use any network.

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