How to Unlock your iPhone to use on Another Carrier?

A common dilemma of iPhone users is whether they should unlock iPhone from the current network provider or not. Some of them want to unlock their phone for enjoying the benefits of an unlocked phone whereas others refrain to unlock iPhone because they believe that the process is time-consuming and cumbersome. We are here to bring to your notice that you can conveniently unlock iPhone 6 or unlock iPhone 7 or unlock iPhone 8 or unlock iPhone X or unlock iPhone 7 Plus or unlock iPhone 11. Before understanding the quick process of unlocking any of these models have a glimpse of benefits of unlocking an iPhone:

  • Freedom to switch between carriers: On an unlocked device you can use the SIM of the carrier of your choice. So, you are no longer bound to any one carrier. Enjoy the facilities provided by your choice of carrier.
  •  Better network: If you are dissatisfied with the services of your current network provider then unlocking iPhone will be a good opportunity to exercise better network services with any other carrier other than your current carrier.
  • Cost-saving plans: Similar to dissatisfaction with network services, some users find calling and data plans costly as offered by their current network provider. Once you unlock iPhone AT&T or from any other home carrier, you can easily shift to an economical network provider who serves better long-term plans without compromising the network quality.
  • Roaming cost: The users who frequently travel abroad face issues of high-cost roaming charges both on all and data along with the limited network.  While roaming, most of the time it is better to buy a local SIM card from the place you are travelling to. But you will not be able to use a local SIM card in your iPhone if it is locked to the home network provider. In such cases, it becomes necessary to unlock iPhone 6 or unlock iPhone 7 or unlock iPhone 8 or unlock iPhone X or unlock iPhone 7 Plus or unlock iPhone 11 or any other model that you are carrying.
  • Higher Value: Talking about the resale value of a phone, an unlocked phone has a higher resale value than a locked iPhone because it gives the buyer flexibility to choose his network provider. Those who are planning to resale their existing model must unlock iPhone before selling to enable them to fetch a good deal from a local or an overseas buyer.

Since unlocking iPhone gives you so many benefits and is an easy process, it is undoubtedly sensible to unlock iPhone irrespective of the model you own. Once you have made up your mind to unlock iPhone model that you own, you need to make sure that you satisfy the following conditions before proceeding for the unlocking process:

  • Completion of the contract term with network provider: Your network provider will unlock your device only if you have completed the contract term signed at the time of purchasing the phone and the SIM. Sometimes, after completion of the tenure, the network providers automatically unlocks the iPhone.
  • Fully paid phone: When you purchase phones on instalments through your network provider, then you are bound to that network provider for the agreed-upon instalment period. After you have paid up all the instalments, your phone is fully paid and you can exercise the right to unlock the iPhone and use it with your desired network provider.
  • No dues: In case of standing dues on the bill your carrier can deny to unlock your phone unless all dues are cleared.
  • Not reported: Your iPhone should not be reported as lost or stolen if you want to get it to network unlocked. The IMEI number of the device can help you find out if the device has been reported lost or stolen.
  •  The number of phones to be network unlocked: Those who have multiple phones under a family plan and want to network unlock their phones will have to check the condition with their respective network provider as certain carriers restrict the number of phones(that belong to one family plan) to be unlocked in a year.

When an iPhone user satisfies the above conditions, he can proceed to unlock iPhone from the home network. Though the task may take a few days to complete, it is easy to proceed for it and complete it. It is important to remember that Apple cannot unlock iPhone 6 or unlock iPhone 7 or unlock iPhone 8 or unlock iPhone X or unlock iPhone 7 Plus or unlock iPhone 11 or unlock other iPhone models. You must approach the carrier to unlock iPhone model you possess. As one can also check on the support page of Apple that AT&T T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, etc. are some of the carriers that offer unlocking services. Those who want to avoid even the slightest of hassle in unlocking iPhone can contact an established phone unlocking service online. Such a phone unlocking service acts as a third-party between the carrier and the user and helps to unlock the phone quickly and conveniently. We at Unlockninja also offer services to unlock iPhones and Android phones, both with equal efficiency and ease. We ensure to give a smooth experience of unlocking phones to our customers.


Here are the steps to unlock your iPhone through us:

Select your iPhone model, current carrier, and country details on our online form. These details are required to identify the phone and the carrier to be unlocked.

  • Next, share the IMEI number of your iPhone to enable us to retrieve an authentic unlock code for your iPhone.

Share your contact details where we can mail you the generated unlock code.

Pay our nominal charges for the service through our secure online payment gateway to confirm your unlock network request. You will find charges absolutely worthy because we will deliver you quick results without any hassles.

Wait for the unlock code which we will mail to you soon along with the steps for how to enter the code in your device so that you can finally unlock your iPhone from your home network forever.

Follow our guide to entering the network unlock code on your iPhone and enjoy the benefits of an unlocked iPhone.

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