How to Unlock Your Apple iPhone After Confirmation as Unlocked to Use a SIM Card from Any Network

Unlike all other phones which use unlock code to complete the network unlock process, iPhone can be unlocked via iTunes merely. With an updated version of iTunes, you can complete the task at the comfort of your home or office desk. Expert technical knowledge is not needed for the purpose, a layman can do it with a little guide which can be sought from an online information or from an unlocking expert agency. A brief step by step guide to unlock iPhone to use any network is mentioned below:

Steps to Unlock iPhone After getting the confirmation as:- Unlocked

  • As stated earlier, installing the latest version of iTunes will follow first after the confirmation from the carrier.
  • Also, update your apple iPhone with the latest version of iOS.
  • After the update, turn off your iPhone and remove the old SIM and insert new SIM of a different carrier other than the current carrier, precisely insert a SIM which is non-compatible as yet.
  • Turn on your phone and connect it to computer using an original data cable.
  • Launch iTunes and let it detect your device.
  • As soon as iTunes detects your device, disconnect it and reconnect it after the interval of 10 seconds.
  • Your iPhone will get unlocked permanently.

Note:- If there may be a possibility that your iPhone is not unlocked, please restore your iPhone by following the official guideline from Apple :- Restore your iPhone to factory settings

This will complete the procedure to unlock apple iPhone. You can check whether your iPhone is completely unlocked or not using your new SIM card and thoroughly checking the functioning of the SIM card as well as iPhone. There are least chances that phone will have any issues, but just in case there is any problem while performing the unlock process or if your iPhone is still locked, you can contact your current network provider to seek help. Unlocking agencies might also be able to help you for the purpose. They can give their practiced advice and do the task for you to facilitate convenience and comfort at your doorstep. You can select an unlocking agency online if you want to perform the whole task with their support.

If you have purchased a pre-owned iPhone and if you want to switch to another network than the device currently is using, you would need to make sure that the device has the permission to use SIM card of another network. Some iPhone may not have the permission to use SIM card of different networks other than the current one because such devices are purchased on such a contract for cost-effective deals. Instead of buying a pre-owned iPhone, you may buy a new iPhone at such a cost-effective deal and which has such a contract with the carrier. You will face a similar issue with your purchased phones as they are bound to one carrier for a particular period of time.

Network Unlock iPhone to Use a SIM Card from Any Network

If you currently own an iPhone which is bound to one particular carrier, you do not have to be shattered believing that you do not have the freedom to choose your desired network. Have hope and patience as after the completion of the contracted period you are free to use SIM of any network provider, as agreed at the time of purchasing the contracted iPhone. Certainly, you must have paid up all your bills before the switch. Another pre-requisite to start using SIM of other network providers is that you must get network unlock iPhone. It means that you must notify your current carrier that you want to switch to another network or add on a SIM card of another network. Then they will take your unlock request and will confirm you whether you can legally do that or not. As mentioned above, if you have completed the contracted period and if you have a clear bill record, you will get that permission soon. Once your carrier confirms that you are permitted to network unlock iPhone i.e. you can use SIM of another network, it is time to begin the unlock process.

Factory Unlock iPhone to Use a SIM Card from Any Network

Before initiating the network/factory unlock iPhone process you must be aware that unlocking a phone will factory reset your phone. It means that it will erase all the existing data on your phone. Thus, it is advisable to take the back-up of all the data either before starting with unlocking process or while doing the unlock process by confirming yes when the phone prompts for taking the backup on Apple’s cloud.

Once you finish with factory unlock iPhone you can reset your iPhone as it was new and restore your data from the backup taken. Additionally, now you can freely use your desired network provider. You will have the benefits of cost-effective roaming plans both national and international. Furthermore, your iPhone will have increased resale value as it can use SIM of any network now. To enjoy so many benefits of unlocking your iPhone any model like unlock iPhone 6,6s,7,7+,8,8+,X, proceed for it without delay.

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