How to Unlock iPhone to Use Any Carrier

Unlocking iPhone to use any network is a necessity today. In fact, unlocking a phone of any other make is equally important. Everyone must be able to enjoy the facility of an unlocked phone so that the person can avail related benefits. An unlocked phone can be used with any carrier as an unlocked phone can work completely with SIM card of any carrier, unlike locked phones. This enables the user to switch to cost-effective carriers for calling and data usage locally as well as globally. To simplify, it can be said that by switching to a cost-effective carrier on an unlocked phone, the user saves mobile expenses while roaming (nationally or internationally) in addition to day to day mobile usage expenses. Thus, everyone would wish to benefit from such facility. If you are of the group and want to switch to another carrier then you must get your phone unlocked as your iPhone or any other phone that you own may be locked. How to unlock phone of any company or to unlock iPhone to use any network is everyone’s worry though the task is not difficult if an appropriate process is followed. All the doubts related to how to unlock iPhone 6how to unlock iPhone 7 or how to unlock iPhone 6s and other phone models are taken care of below.

Unlocking Process for any Apple iPhone

  • If you are hoping to unlock iPhone to use any network then you can track the following listed process:
  • Hire an iPhone unlock service organization.
  • Share with iPhone unlock service organization your email id, IMEI number of the phone to be unlocked and phone model number and few other details as asked by them.
  • Confirm the Online iPhone unlock service organization that you want to unlock your phone permanently and pay them the charges involved.
  • Receive the unlock code (in case of phone makes other than iPhone) / connect to iTunes and complete the unlocking process to enjoy the advantages of factory iPhone unlocking.

How to Unlock iPhone for any Network SIM

Unlock iPhone itself means unlock iPhone to use any network. Above-mentioned are the basic steps that are followed to unlock iPhone to use any network. Most of these online iPhone unlock service provider like unlockninja not only unlock iPhone but also unlock phones of other manufacturers like unlock Samsung Phone,Unlock ZTE phone, Unlock LG phone, Unlock Huawei Phone and Modems. In cases of phones of other makes, the iPhone unlock service organizations that the user hires, generate an unlock code which is used to unlock a locked phone. But in case of iPhone, unlock code is not required. iPhone unlock service company unlocks the iPhone in Apple’s Database, then they mail the user of the locked phone that their phone can now be unlocked by connecting to iTunes. The online iPhone unlock service provider also thoroughly explains the process to unlock iPhone to use any network in the email or, if required, on call. So if you want to unlock iPhone to use any network, then the best place for the purpose is iPhone unlock service agency. They do permanent iPhone unlocking for their customers. Furthermore, this permanent iPhone unlocking is done at a nominal cost which is covered up soon while reaping the benefits of an unlocked phone.

How to Request for iPhone unlocking?

You might be wondering how to request for iPhone unlocking to an iPhone unlock service agency. For that matter, you will find plenty of iPhone unlocking organizations online. Astutely choose an established and skillful iPhone unlock service organization which provides iPhone unlock service at competitive rates and has expertise in factory iPhone unlocking. Once you have chosen an iPhone unlock service agency, login to their website, select the phone model you want to unlock, fill the required form with details like IMEI number, email id etc.(as asked by them) and initiate the process of permanent iPhone unlocking after making nominal payment. The same process will be followed whether you are looking for how to unlock iPhone 5, how to unlock iPhone 7 or how to unlock iPhone 5s.

Steps to Follow to Unlock iPhone After Getting Confirmation as ‘Unlocked’

Those who are going to unlock iPhone to use any network must be aware that permanent iPhone unlocking is done without unlock code. iPhone unlock service organizations do the factory iPhone unlocking by making changes in Apple’s database. Once, factory iPhone unlocking request is confirmed from there, the iPhone unlock service agency informs the customers that they can now do permanent iPhone unlocking by adhering to following steps:

  • Installing the latest version of iTunes by the official iTunes Software only.
  • Replace the current SIM card with the new SIM card that you wish to use and switch on your phone.
  • Connect to iTunes and wait for phone detection by iTunes.
  • After 10-20 seconds of above step, disconnect your iPhone and reconnect it with iTunes after 10 seconds.
  • Thereafter a message will be displayed stating your phone is unlocked.

These steps answer your questions of how to unlock iPhone models viz. how to unlock iPhone 6how to unlock iPhone SE, and how to unlock iPhone 8.

Unlock Blacklisted iPhones

Few pre-owned iPhones may be blacklisted because they might be stolen or lost pieces. Sometimes if the user fails to pay the contract charges then also an iPhone can be blacklisted. This blacklisting is done by carriers only. The IMEI number allows checking if the iPhone is blacklisted or not. If a user of blacklisted iPhone wants to go for permanent iPhone unlocking then he shall hire an iPhone unlock service agency who handles factory iPhone unlocking of blacklisted phones as well. The iPhone unlock service agency usually tells the case clearly in advance as for how far they would be able to help the owners for permanent iPhone unlocking of their blacklisted phones. In either case, have all your unlocking solutions with an unlocking service organization.

How a Permanent iPhone Unlock Works

permanent iPhone unlocking facilitates to use your iPhone exactly the same way you were using it when it was locked with one carrier. After permanent iPhone unlocking you can use each and every feature of your phone exactly as you were able to do it before permanent iPhone unlocking. Just in case, your phone gets locked again for any reason (though there are least chances of the case), you can connect it to iTunes again as explained above, then your phone will be unlocked again. The added benefit of factory iPhone unlocking is that you can now use SIM card of any carrier in addition to your previous carrier. Thus, if you want to unlock iPhone to use any network then it is certainly a worthy and better choice than being limited to one carrier only with a locked phone. Factory iPhone unlocking also increases the resale value of your iPhone for any models weather it is to unlock iphone X or unlock iphone 6