How to Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset

We enter phone password to protect data on our phone. But sometimes it becomes a problem for us. You might wonder about how this security system can be a trouble for self. It usually happens when a person forgets the password entered due to which he himself is not able to unlock the screen. The reason for forgetting the password could be any. For instance, you might have entered the password accidentally for which you do not remember it now. You have entered a difficult password (whether a pattern or a number lock) for want of security and now you have forgotten it or lost the written note of it. Another reason for forgetting the password could be that you have recently changed it and now you do not remember the new password. In either case, entering an incorrect password for multiple times will not unlock our phone. Even if someone else tries to enter incorrect password multiple times for breaching your privacy, the phone will get locked. This type of lock is not permanent.

You can certainly unlock android phone even if you do not remember the password. An easy way to Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset when you have forgotten the password is to reset your phone to factory settings. However, factory reset tends to wipe all data stored on the phone due to which users do not prefer this way to unlock their phone.

How to Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset

If you do not want to lose data of your phone and want to unlock android phone Password Without Factory Reset or any other android phone then, you can do it by using Gmail account provided you have made such a setting before the unlock. You shall ensure that your phone has default security settings. By default, phones come with such security settings where it allows remote ‘lock’ and ‘erase’ with a remotely located device. It is better to check these settings while you purchase the phone and turn these options on if they are not on by any chance. If your phone has them ‘On’ then you can unlock your phone with the help of internet connection and a computer. If you are unaware of the status of the settings in your phone and your phone is already locked, still, you can give it a try by following given steps

  • Open the browser on your PC.
  • Go to manager
  • It will take you to your device, where you will have to log in with the same Gmail id which was logged in on the locked phone.
  • This will display a screen where you can reset your password or even erase it (in case the phone is lost/stolen)
  • After entering the new password on the device manager on your PC you can click on lock option.
  • Now, when you will enter this new lock code in your phone your phone will unlock and you will be free to use it the way you like.


That is the solution to your worries of how to unlock ZTE Phone pattern or to unlock an android phone without losing data.

How to Unlock Android Phone Forgot PIN Without Losing Data

In addition to the above way to unlock a ZTE phone OR any other android phone (whose pin you have forgotten) without losing data there are few more free applications available online which help you unlock your phone via the internet. However, selecting a reliable application for the purpose will be a matter of concern. Another option to Unlock Android Phone or any other  in the event of forgetting pin, without losing data, is by way of manufacturer’s application. If you have set your phone manufacturer’s application to take backup of your data regularly then also data of your phone is secured even if you will go for a factory reset.

How to Unlock Android Phone Without Gmail?

There might be few people who have not set-up a Gmail account or do not remember their Gmail id and password because they are rare users. For them, the above ways may not work. They would need to unlock their phone without Gmail account. For all those who want to unlock their phone without Gmail account, for any reason, there are not many options. In order to unlock a phone without Gmail, hard reset of the phone is required. To do the hard reset following steps shall be followed:

  • Turn off the device and remove the SD card of our phone.
  • Press the Power and Volume Key together to boot the phone in recovery mode.
  • Select the option of restoring factory default by scrolling with the help of volume buttons and selecting with the help of power button.
  • Select the option confirming the reset like ‘Yes, delete all user data’ etc.
  • Reboot your device.
  • This will unlock your phone.


Though, after the factory reset all current data stored on it will be erased. If you have taken the backup on your phone manufacturer’s app then you can transfer back the data, else you may have to bear with the loss. But do not lose heart, factory reset has its own advantages. It will give you more memory space and faster performance.

Another reason for which people may have to go for factory reset to unlock the phone is the unavailability of the internet. The factory reset, as mentioned above, is the only way which will unlock the pattern lock without internet. For unlocking the phone by all other ways i.e. by way of Gmail account or by way of unlocking applications, you will need the internet.

Thus, you can see there are many solutions to unlock pattern/pin lock of your phone even if you forget it, so do not panic if your phone is locked, simply follow anyway and resolve your issue.

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