How to Reset Alcatel One Touch?

How to reset Alcatel one touch?

Resetting a phone means erasing all its current data and make it new again for use. If you are selling your phone to someone then certainly factory reset secures your data from falling into wrong hands as none of your personal data is passed to next user after the erase. Even otherwise if you want to do the reset and keep the phone for self-use then too resetting is beneficial as resetting of the alcatel phone is going to give you a phone with greater memory space which will, in turn, lead to improved performance of the phone. Thus, your decision of doing hard reset would prove right in both the cases viz. whether you keep the phone with you or whether you sell it after the reset.

Though some people believe that it is not wise to reset a phone as it erases all current data which may lead to loss of important information stored on the device or loss of cherished photos and videos etc. However, this side of the resetting can be turned by carefully taking backup of all current data. Music, videos and other heavy files can easily be transferred to your computer or an external hard disk. Contacts, messages, calendar notes etc. can be synced to your email account. Similarly, there is a way out to take backup of every required information. So, going for a hard reset is not really a challenge now, in fact, it is a wonderful option with its attached benefits. Those who want to hard reset their Alcatel One Touch but do not know how to reset Alcatel One Touch can figure out

How to reset Alcatel One Touch by adopting either of the following ways:

Way 1:

  • Switch of your Alcatel One Touch by using the Power button.
  • Succeed step one by pressing Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously and holding them for a few seconds.
  • As soon as you see the Alcatel logo popping up on the screen, release both Volume Up and Power buttons.
  • Furthermore, out of the given options on the script running page, choose to ‘Wipe data/Factory reset’. Volume Up and Down buttons will help you scroll up and down and Power button will be used to confirm the selection.
  • Next, you will select ‘Yes’ to ‘Delete all user data’.
  • The final step would be selecting ‘Reboot system now’.

Your phone will factory reset alcatel one touch and will be ready to use as a new phone.

Way 2:

  • Go to Settings in the Apps menu.
  • Tap ‘Backup and reset’ under ‘Personal’ option.
  • Tap ‘Factory data reset’ under ‘Personal data’.
  • Tap ‘Reset phone’ to confirm your choice.
  • Tap ‘Erase everything’. Tap this one without any fear as you have a backup of all the data.

With these steps of either of the ways mentioned above, you can conveniently complete the process of how to reset Alcatel One Touch. Now, your Alcatel One touch Software is back to the original. Furthermore, if you want a different carrier as well for a completely new experience then you can have that too irrespective of the lock status of your phone. Yes, even if your phone is locked to a particular carrier, you can get it unlocked and switch to your desired carrier for a changed experience. Certainly, you would like to know how to unlock Alcatel One Touch phone. Just as we have explained above the process of how to reset Alcatel One Touch, we are explaining here how to unlock Alcatel One Touch.

In order to unlock Alcatel phone or any other phone for that matter, you would need an Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code or the network unlock code of your specific model. This unlock code does not come with the phone, when you purchased it. You would need to buy it from the manufacturers or the network providers, who will not sell it to you directly but by way of unlocking agencies. So basically, if you want to have Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code then you will have to hire an unlocking agency who can generate this code to unlock Alcatel One Touch phone of yours. An unlocking agency like ours will collect information of your phone like IMEI number, phone number, carrier details, country etc. and then will process your request to generate the Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code. Once generated, this Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code is then emailed to you with a step by step guide of how and where to enter this Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code in your phone so that you can conveniently unlock Alcatel One Touch phone. The device will get unlocked forever when this Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code is entered following the proper procedure as mentioned in the email. To brief again, following are the steps that any user can follow to unlock Alcatel one touch or any other phone of same or other make:

Hire unlocking agency

Share IMEI number, email and other such details of the phone with them so that they can identify your phone and connect with you as and whenever required.

  • Pay nominal charges to the unlocking agency.
  • Receive Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code on your email
  • Enter Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code in your phone
  • Enjoy the experience of a permanently unlocked phone

Your unlocking experience will be wonderful only if you hire a dependable unlocking agency like ours. It is because we generate authentic Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code. Additionally, we give full support to our customers online so that they resolve their phone related issues from the comfort of their home. Above all, we not only generate Alcatel One Touch phone network unlock code but we also generate unlock codes for other models of Alcatel, phones of other makes and even for locked modems and all this for the least charges in the industry. We also work with the customer-centric approach and in addition to being polite with our customers, we give them a quick response to resolve their queries. You can join hands with us to experience the comfort in the process to unlock Alcatel One Touch