How To Enter Unlock Code Into ZTE Phone and Modem to Unlock it Permanently

ZTE Unlocking Instruction to Unlock ZTE Phone and Modems

So, you have got your unlock code, and now you are wondering how to correctly put it on your ZTE phone or modem, to start using it without any hassle. Unlockninja helps you by ZTE Unlock Instruction to unlock a bunch of ZTE phones whether its Android or iOS and today we will show you how to open any ZTE device with an unlock code. The procedure described below is suitable for all zte models.

In case, you have not yet got your ZTE to unlock code or still looking for it; you can get it by unlockninja.

How to Enter Unlock Code Into ZTE Phone: ZTE Unlock Instruction

Unlocking your ZTE mobile device with an unlock code is the safest and fastest way to make your phone compatible with any network or carrier. Before you start using the phone unlock code on your device, do not forget to switch off the phone to keep it safe from any unwanted software issues. To begin with:

  • Switch off your ZTE mobile device
  • Take out the sim card of your current provider and enter the non-accepted SIM (a sim from any network provider other than the original network)
  • Switch on your mobile.
  • Now you will see a prompt on your mobile screen to enter the SIM unlock pin. You will have to either enter a network code or NCK unlock code depending on your phone’s lock level
  • Now enter the unlock code you received from Unlockninja. Your phone is now unlocked and ready to use with any GSM network.

If the instructions mentioned above do not work on your mobile device:

  • Switch off your phone and enter a non-supported SIM into the card slot.
  • Switch on the phone and type “*8787*3453#.”
  • Once you see the prompt for entering the unlock code, type the ZTE phone unlock code you received from Unlockninja.
  • Your phone is now successfully unlocked.

If the code mentioned above, “*8787*3453#” does not work, replace it with “*983*258#” and follow the same steps to unlock your ZTE mobile phone

  • Failed above, try *983*8284# to prompt for Unlock Menu
  • Failed above, try *983*865625# to get the Unlock Menu.

Note:- Never enter unlock code more than the given attempts if got any error please write us at with the error screenshot

How to Unlock ZTE Modem/Routers With Unlock Code

When the modern and advanced ZTE modem gets connected to your computer, it guarantees you high quality at affordable favourite network provider.e price. However, if you are still struggling with the process to unlock ZTE modem, follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy high-speed internet from your favourite network provider.

To start the process, you need to get your ZTE modem unlock code from So if you have not yet received it; Just get is online at Unlockninja to select your brand, select the model and get your code NOW.
However, if you already have your code, just skip the step mentioned above and start unlocking the ZTE device. To start with:

  • Make sure your ZTE modem/router is at least 30% charged. In case, it is less than 30% charge it until it reaches the required bar.
  • Now turn off your ZTE modem
  • Insert the non-accepted SIM card into the slot provided in your Wi-Fi dongle or router. This is the SIM you want to continue to use your ZTE modem with and not the original SIM that your modem is locked to.
  • Switch on the modem
  • Now connect it to the device you want to use with the Wi-Fi connection. This device can be anything from a PC or laptop to iPad and an Android device to iPhone. Connect the modem with the help of a USB.
  • Once you see the device is connected, you will have to install the required drivers or software to it. However, some devices come with preinstalled drivers. In that case, skip this step.
  • You will now see a message to enter the network unlock code on your computer screen. Enter the unlock code provided by Unlockninja and you are all set to start working on any GSM network of your choice.

Note:- If the Enter unlock code screen does not appear, type or in your search engine or web browser and press enter. You will be then redirected to the admin login page.

  • login to your device dashboard using admin. Here enter “admin” for both login username and password and press enter
  • Go through the list of options and then select the one that mentions “request for a network code.
  • It will automatically redirect to the unlock page if not, then search for SIMLock / NCK / unlock code option
  • Enter the unlock code and click OK.
  • Once the code is entered correctly, your device will be unlocked permanently, And capable of working on any network. You can now use any other network provider SIM card as well as the default

Note:- Never enter unlock code more than the given attempts if got any error please write us at with the error screenshot

Troubleshoot your unlocking process for ZTE phones

Go through the list of options and then select the one that mentions “request for a network code.

As mentioned earlier, to unlock ZTE phone is quite a simple process to execute. However, at times you might not see a prompt to enter unlock code in your ZTE device. This error can restrict you from unlocking the device entirely.

To troubleshoot this problem, at first you need to check whether your device recognizes the SIM card you have inserted or not. Make sure your phone prompts for SIM card’s Pin. If it does not, it will neither accept the SIM card not prompt for ZTE network unlock code.

Check the SIM card is inserted correctly. If not, reinsert the SIM card into the card slot of your device. Alternatively, try using a different SIM card, as may be the first SIM card has defected. In case, the phone recognizes your SIM, and you still do not see any prompt for the unlock code, it means your ZTE phone is already unlocked.

To make the procedure even more comfortable, it is recommended to restore the phone to its factory settings. It will help eliminate any possible error. The option to reset the phone is available under the “Settings” category of your phone’s menu.

Even after trying all the methods mentioned above, your phone shows no prompt for the unlock code, it means that it is not possible to unlock your ZTE Phone via IMEI. However, you can still give it one last try. Insert a compatible SIM card and follow these steps:

  • Enter the SIM card PIN and press OK.
  • Type “*983*8284#.”
  • You will now get a prompt to enter a password on your phone screen. Type here the ZTE Phone unlock code you received from Unlockninja and press enter.

If the code “*983*8284#” does not work, replace it with “*983*865625#” and follow the same steps.
If you are still unable to enter the unlock code, turn off the phone, remove the SIM card and switch it on. Now enter the code “###825*09#” and press OK.

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