How to Enter Unlock Code in Alcatel Phone

How to Enter Unlock Code in Alcatel Phone. The usage of Allocate phones is quite popular and a lot of them needs to be unlocked so that people can be free to choose their favorite provider to use that phone. To Unlock Alcatel phone is a process of few steps, the most important of them are entering the unlock code. Grabbing the code is the first thing and once the code is found, entering is usually simple but needs more attention to avoid using the wrong code and ending up with a corrupted phone.

How to Enter Unlock Code for Alcatel Phone

Below are the Instructions on How To Unlock all ALCATEL Cell Phones by Network Unlock Code

  • The first is to make sure that the battery is full on the phone. It is not safe to unlock your phone when it has less battery, because the phone needs to be restarted more than once. Having full battery will be a safe thing.
  •  Switch off the phone.
  • Next step is to insert the SIM of the card the new provider- or the provider to which you want to switch.  Ensure that the SIM card is fitted properly in the slot. Mostly, phones have space for micro SIMs these days so if you have got a SIM card of bigger size, you might need to trim it off.
  • Once the SIM card is entered on the phone, you need to start it.
  • The phone will show a message where you will be asked to enter the Alcatel network unlock code.
  • Enter the PIN which you have got after sending the unlock request to the company to Unlock Alcatel Phone.

Users receive somewhere between one to three PINS for unlocking the phone. Most phones will require NCK code, which is nothing, but network unlocks code. Depending upon the phone model, you might also be asked to enter the code for the service provider or the phone might show “SP tries left” message. If that happens, you need to use the service provider code, also known as SPCK. Mostly, this code is required for MetroPCS phones. The code that you have can have a dash in it. for example, the code might look like 12345678-12. If your code is like that, then you need to remove this dash and then enter the code. So, in this example, you will be entering 1234567812. Please note that it is very important to enter the code correctly and if it is wrong, do not attempt to enter it again. There could be some other issue like phone issue or wrong code. Attempting to enter wrong code repeatedly might lead to unwanted results.

The process of entering the code for different Alcatel phones is a bit different from each other. Below are the instructions for specific models:

How to Unlock Alcatel OneTouch

  • Switch off the phone
  • Replace the SIM card of the old provider with that of a new provider.
  • Key in the numbers: *#*#3646633#*#*
  • You will see a menu, navigate to engineering menu and select the option of “SIM ME LOCK” from there.
  • Enter the unlock code which you have got.

To Unlock Alcatel OneTouch Phone, if you get an error showing, “Code Error” or “SIM Network Unlock unsuccessfully”, then you can do the following:

  • Do not attempt to enter the code again- which was not accepted in the first place.
  •  You can do a factory reset of your phone and then try to re-enter the code again in case you are confident that the code you entered before was right.
  • Some people also have custom firmware on their phones. They should install stock firmware and then try to unlock alcatel phone.
  • You should also double check the IMEI code and provider ID which you used to obtain the unlock code for alcatel .

 For other Alcatel phones, below are the steps:

How To Unlock all ALCATEL Cell Phones by Network Unlock Code 

How to Unlock Alcatel Pixi Or Any Other Alcatel Phone With Unlock Code 

  • The first step is to switch on the phone- and at that time, it should not have any SIM card inside it.
  • Then you need to key in the code *#0000*CODE# along with the unlock code that you have.
  • After that, you need to again key in *#0001*CODE# along with the unlock code. After this, the phone will get unlocked.

For Alcatel models 535 and 531, following are the steps:

  • Here as well, you need to switch on your phone when it does not have any SIM card inside it.
  • Press the * key, and press keys 787292 without releasing the hold of the * key.
  •  You will see a menu of Unlocking network, you need to select “yes” option in that menu.
  • Now you need to enter the code and it’s done!

These steps might look simple and straightforward but while doing them, you might get an error at some point, for which reading the troubleshooting instructions below will be helpful:

The phone might also show a message where it asks for “SIM PIN” or “PUK” number. This number is usually mentioned in your SIM package for the newer cards. Usually, the PIN for SIM cards is 0000 or 1234, but not all of them might have this code. Trying to add these codes without confirming is not advisable because you will only get 3 attempts to do so. To find out the PUK, you can also call up the support center of your new carrier. It can also be printed on the SIM package. Thoroughly check the SIM package for details.

If the phone asks for any other kind of unlock code like unlock pattern, security PIN for the phone or the password for your phone, then the reason is that your Alcatel phone has a user lock. You can confirm that this is a user lock by restarting your phone without the SIM card. If it still asks for these codes, then it means it is surely a user lock. In case you forgot your user lock, or it is not working for some reason, then you need to do a hard reset of your phone or just contact to Network Unlock Code ProviderUnlockninja.

Some people can get an error of “NO SIM” after they enter the new SIM card and restart their phone. In this case, you need to check whether the SIM card is entered correctly or not. If it does not work, you can check for that SIM card in another phone to make sure that there are no issues with the card. If the card has issues, then it should be replaced by the carrier. You can also try some other SIM card in your own phone. If it does not read other cards as well, then there could be an issue with the SIM reader of the phone.

In case the user is getting “no service” error, it could imply that there is an issue with firmware, or the phone is blacklisted, or the SIM is not active yet.

In case of errors like that, it might seem hard to figure out what to do. Therefore, it is recommended to use the service of professionals in this field. The Cell Phone Unlocking Service-Unlockninja is a place where you can reach out in case you need to unlock any alcatel phone.

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