How To Enable USB Debugging On LG Phones?

Enable USB Debugging On LG Android Phones

Few users have queries like-

  • I want to use the third-party tool on my Android phone but as far as I know, I will have to enable USB debugging on my LG Android phone. I don’t know how to do it.
  • I want to transfer some data to my computer for which I will have to enable USB debugging LG phone.
  • What is USB debugging and how do I enable USB debugging on my LG Android?

If you also have a similar query then here, we will provide you with a solution of how to enable USB debugging on LG Android 8.0 or other Android versions. Before we tell you the steps of how to enable LG Stylo 3 USB debugging or enable LG K30 USB debugging or enable LG Stylo 4 USB debugging or enable LG V20 USB debugging or enable LG G3 USB debugging or enable USB debugging on LG Android 8.0 – any other device.


What Is USB Debugging Mode?

USB debugging is a feature in Android phones which facilitates the phones to establish a connection with a computer or other third-party tools usually with the help of the Android Software Development Kit. The connection is established to allow the phone user to transfer the phone’s data to the desired destination and vice-a-versa. This data may include photos, contacts, documents, etc. So, it is a good feature as it makes the data transfer process easier. This feature lets the phone user manage his smartphone in a better way as the user gets full control over his smartphone. In the process of transferring data, some of the information is also transferred to Android developers so that based on this data, the future Android apps can be improvised and developed in a user-friendly way by the developers. Thus, it would be right to say that the Android SDK suite aids the developers in developing Android apps by collecting data through phone users. This access to specialized areas of the phone (which are usually not regularly interacted by the phone user) is possible only when USB debugging mode in Android devices is turned on. LG phones keep this setting turned-off by default on LG devices with the vision to protect user’s personal or official data stored on the phone which otherwise could be compromised when the phone is connected to the computers.

Now when you know the pros and cons of USB debugging, it is your discretion to keep it turned on or off. You can also turn it on only when you want to connect your device with your computer. 

How To Enable USB Debugging On LG Android 8.0?

Steps to enable USB Debugging on an LG Android 8.0 are:

  • Open the Settings menu and tap on ‘About Phone’ followed by ‘Software Info’.
  • Next, tap on ‘Build Number’. Here, you will have to tap till the time you see a message “You are now a developer”. Usually, after seven taps you will get this message.
  • Thereafter, go back to the Settings menu and select for Developer Options. Select ‘OK’ if you see any warning screen.
  • Look at the upper right corner of your phone, check if the Developer options are turned on or not. (It should be kept to turned on mode)
  • You will see the USB debugging option on the menu listed on this page. Turn on that option too.
  • The device will ask for the confirmation to ‘Allow USB debugging’, confirm it by tapping on OK.
  • To complete the above procedure, you may have to turn on the USB tethering option which is done by going to the Settings menu followed by Networks. There, under the connectivity menu, look for “Tethering and networks”. Select the option and finally enable the “USB tethering” option.

After completing the above-mentioned steps in your LG phone, the process to enable USB debugging will be complete and you will be easily able to transfer data from your phone to the desired device.

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