How to check the Network, product code and country of your Phone

How to know if your phone is network locked or not

Before you go about switching network providers, it is imperative for you to know whether your phone is network locked or not. If you buy your device from a certain network provider, it usually comes network locked. And to use it with a different carrier, you need an unlock code. For this, you need two different SIM cards. One will be your SIM card and the other one will be the new SIM card, the network  which you want to switch to. 

With the help of both these SIM cards, there are a few steps that need to be followed :

  1. Insert the new SIM card and make sure that it is activated.
  2. Turn the phone on and let it load.
  3. You will need to insert a PIN code of 4 digits if your SIM card has one.

If your phone displays the below mentioned things, it means it is unlocked.

  1. SIM network unlock PIN
  2. This device can be remotely unlocked if eligible. Please use the “Device Unlock Application” to unlock the device.

If you want to check Samsung product code, you can follow the simple process as mentioned below:

  2. Then tap on ABOUT PHONE.
  3. The product code will be displayed.

In order to check the product code of phone other than Samsung, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Tap on the phone app on the home screen.
  2. Dial *#06# into the keypad.
  3. The IMEI number, as well as the Serial number of the device, will be displayed.

Let us get into detail and learn to check the network, product code and country of all Nokia models.

When it comes to checking the network, product code and country of all Nokia phones, all you need is the IMEI number. 

You will need to follow the steps below: 

  1. Enter *#06# on your Nokia model. IMEI will be displayed.
  2. Type the IMEI in the window below.
  3. Press CHECK IMEI.

For checking the network, product code and country of all Apple models. You need to follow certain steps :

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Then tap on the PHONE.
  3. Press MY NUMBER.  

Cell phone unlocking 

Let us gather a clear idea about the meaning of unlocking of phones and why it is considered necessary.

Benefits of unlocking of phones include:

  1. You can enjoy different service providers. By unlocking your phone, you can choose the network provider that offers you the best plans and coverage as per your needs. 
  2. You can avoid roaming charges. Travelling with a locked phone to a foreign country can attract high roaming charges. However, by unlocking your phone, you can use the local carrier SIM of the country you have travelled to without worrying about the roaming charges.
  3. You can resell an unlocked phone with great ease. Unlocked phones are easier to resell than the locked ones due to the fact that buyers are usually more attracted towards unlocked phones because they help them to use different GSM carriers and enjoy their phones to the fullest.
  4. You can easily customize an unlocked phone than a locked one. It means you can get full control over the various mobile applications on your phone because of the lack of locking software that can limit the access. You can even customize it to the extent of changing the look and feel of the phone. 

The benefits stated above must have certainly given you an idea about the importance of getting your phone unlocked. Now the question arises how to go about doing that.

You can carrier unlock your Samsung phone by the following two methods: 

A. Contacting your carrier

  • You can call the carrier with whom your phone is locked. Your carrier allows you to unlock the phone after some amount of time has gone by or the contract period is up. However, if you ask them to unlock the phone before the expiration of the contract period, you might be asked to pay an early termination fee. 
  • Contacting the carrier with whom you intend to switch with

You can call the carrier with whom you intend to switch your network provider with for unlocking phone. They might do it if you are switching with a rival company of theirs. 

  • Looking for codes for the phone

You can search for the generic codes for older models on the internet as they are available as the phones get older.

B. Availing a paid unlocking service

  • Finding your phone’s IMEI number

It is a must have at the time of ordering unlock codes. In case you do not have it, dial *#06#.

You must select a service that is reviewed positively by the users and also offers a  guarantee.

  • Requesting a code

You need to provide your IMEI number, contact and payment details and ensure all the details are totally accurate.

  • Inserting your new SIM

After receiving the unlock code, all you need to do is to switch your phone off, remove your old SIM and replace it with the new SIM.

  • Switching your phone on

You will get a notification to enter the unlock code to be able to connect to the phone network.

  •  Verification of being connected

Your phone immediately gets connected to the new mobile network if you have entered the unlock code correctly.

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