Cell Phone Unlocking – Tips for Safe and Secure Unlocking

Cell Phone Unlocking – Tips for Safe and Secure Unlocking

In an era where communication has become extremely important, moving around with a locked cell phone can be very annoying. This is primarily because a locked cell phone is tied to a specific carrier only. Also, every time you travel to an international location, you are unable to use the SIM card of another service provider, simply because your mobile phone is locked to your existing carrier provider. As a result, you will either have to pay very hefty roaming charges or stop using your phone for communication altogether. In order to avoid the latter situation, it is important that you opt for authorized cell phone unlocking services.

Unlocking Methods and Techniques

When a cell phone is locked, it means that the carrier provider has placed some type of software on the handset, which essentially locks the subscriber identification number mentioned on the SIM card to the phone’s serial number. Therefore, when the cell phone serial number as well as the SIM card number does not match with each other, the respective SIM card does not work on other cell phones and your handset fails to function with those SIM cards of other carriers.

Typically, cell phone service providers can have their mobile phones designed after two major cell phone technologies including GSM and CDMA. While CDMA based mobile phones cannot be unlocked, the GSM based handsets can be easily done in many ways such as, by contacting the carrier provider, by using hardware unlocking methods and techniques, software unlocking techniques and by relying on cell phone unlocking service providers that provide IMEI code unlocking process.

Tips for Unlocking

There is absolutely no need to stay with a locked phone. Instead, you should get it unlocked as soon as possible for it will benefit you in multiple ways. Firstly, you will be able to insert the SIM card of multiple carrier providers depending upon your convenience and choice and secondly, you will have the liberty to enhance the firmware and certain apps of your phone, which isn’t possible in case of a locked handset. Following are some of the tips for cell phone unlocking:

  • Seek the services of a reputed and authorized unlocking service provider only
  • Your cell phone should be fully activated with your current service provider at least for once, before you proceed further and get it unlocked
  • Keep the IMEI number of your device handy before you approach an unlocking service offering company.
  • Make sure you have paid your existing contract in full. There should be absolutely no bills or fee pending from your end

Remember, unlocking your phone is completely legal. However, look for references before you approach a specific unlocking service provider to ensure safe and secure unlocking.

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