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Important - Select the Current Network your Unlock Blackberry is Locked to. Do NOT select the network you want to use.

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How to Unlock a Blackberry

Even today, Blackberry holds a dominant position in an email and messaging features. But in case the handset you possess is locked, i.e., you can only use one network, and your usage is limited, the method of unlocking Blackberry with a code is the best solution. Unlocking Blackberry will give you the leverage to choose the network of your choice instead of relying upon just one.

About Unlocking Blackberry

When you unlock your Blackberry, you can use it on any network that suits your requirements best. Unlike earlier, you shall not be confined to the call charges and data plans of a single network provider. Once unlocked, the phone accepts any GSM SIM card without displaying any error messages.

Unlock Codes for Blackberry

An unlock code comes in handy in this process. All models of the Blackberry phone can open effortlessly and shall be more active and efficient post the process. Unlocking Blackberry through code is by far the easiest and fastest method. It hardly requires any technical know-how. Details of the phone needed to implement the process include:

   The IMEI number of the phone, which is15 digits long

   The country of the phone was purchased in or locked to

   The network of the phone is secured to

Post the collection of these details, the unlocking code is processed and then provided to you by email. You can unlock your Blackberry successfully with that.

Reasons for Unlocking Blackberry

Unlocking Blackberry will eliminate roaming charges, which would be an important part of your mobile phone bill, in case you travel a lot. The roaming charges depend on the service limits of the provider and the mobile contract you have. With unlocking, you can change over to an SIM with much lower roaming rates or use local networks while travelling.

A phone in an unlocked condition would also fetch a better price while selling. Since the phone would be more compatible, it will also provide an abundance of buyers. In case you feel the need to change your current network for better services, call rates, and data plans, the option becomes available.

Securely Unlocking Blackberry

While unlocking Blackberry using a code, it does not go through any damage and the data including images, contacts, and other media files are completely safe. In case there are worries about money, they should be eliminated since this service comes with a money back guarantee.

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