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Important - Select the Current Network your Unlock Vodafone is Locked to. Do NOT select the network you want to use.

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How to Unlock Vodafone Phone

From the network that follows you everywhere to the phone that almost everyone follows, Vodafone has come a long way. The Followers are of course customers or upcoming potential clients. It isn't quite a surprise that Vodafone phones have that kind of a following. But would it still have such followers with a locked phone that'll allow only one network to be compatible with the phone? An unlocked Vodafone phone would have.

 Benefits of Unlocking Your Vodafone Phone

You need to unlock your Vodafone phone so that any other SIM card can use on the handset.After Unlocking your Vodafone phone, it becomes compatible with any SIM card and helps you save on your roaming and data charges. You can opt for the network that suits all your needs or keep on changing it with every need such as one for calls in a location, one for data, etc.

You also get to enjoy another benefit that comes along. A better choice of buyers and a much better price comes with an unlocked Vodafone phone as compared to a locked phone.

Unlock Codes for Vodafone Phone

The best process for unlocking your Vodafone phone is the code method that you can avail at a website named unlockninja.com. It generates an unlock code for your phone. It is the most secure process. To use it, you would need the following:

  • The IMEI number
  • The model number of the phone
  • Network it is locked to
  • Country, the phone, was purchased or locked in

Post entering the details mentioned above, you get a code for unlocking your Vodafone phone.You have to enter it only once. While you do that and after the process is complete, the data is unchanged. And there is a money back guarantee that comes along to keep your money secure.