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The model B315S-22 is an ultra-fast router provided by Huawei. It is great not just in terms of speed, but also in terms of style as well. The built is really nice looking one and can attract the attention of people in the room. It is a kind of router which will not look messy lying on the table or attached to the wall, so you don't have to hide it away in the corner. Out of all the queries to unlock Huawei routers, the query to unlock Huawei b315s-22 router is the most common one. You can do the Huawei b315s-22 unlock by reading the instructions on this page.

How to Get Network Unlock Codes for Huawei B315S 22 Router

To get the network unlock code for Huawei B315S 22 Router just select the country name and network name the router locked with. Put the current updated mail ID and place an order to the unlock code on your mail. To get the network unlock code to unlock huawei phone, modem and router any models just go to the huawei brand page or home page as unlockninja.com 

Unlocking Instructions for Huawei B315s-22

How to Unlock Huawei B315s-22 Router With Network Unlock Code

The step by step instructions to unlock Huawei b315s-22 router is given as below. Please note that when you enter the code, make sure that you are entering a valid code and it is not a free code available randomly on the internet. If you do that, chances are that the router will get locked permanently.

The Step by Step Unlocking Instructions for Huawei B315s-22 Router is as Follows:

After successful login, you should be guided to the unlock page where you will be able to unlock Huawei b315s-22 router. If the redirection doesn't happen, then you will specifically have to look for the option of SIM lock/ SIM unlock/ NCK.

Alternate Methods of How to unlock a Huawei b315s-22 Router to Use Any Network

The simple instructions to Unlock Huawei modem to use any network are mentioned above. There is an alternate way as well, which can sound a bit complicated. The procedure for unlocking is of various phases.

The first phase is to install a mobile partner for your Huawei B315S-22 unlock firmware. In this phase, you will also need to disconnect all the wires from the router so that the Huawei B315S-22 unlock can be done successfully. Once the wires are removed, you will need to connect the two points on the board. This can either be done through another new wire or even with a simple thing like a tweezer. While these points are connected, you will need to attach a USB cable and power cable. This will help you to see the entry of this device in the device manager screen of your computer. If it does not appear, that means there could be some issue in the connection of point 1 and 2.

The next phase in the process of Huawei b315s-22 unlock is to download the Huawei bootloader unlock code generator (provided by a legitimate service provider). Login to the application with valid credentials. Once the login is authenticated, you can use Huawei bootloader unlock code generator to generate a code and then follow steps so that the firmware can start flashing.

In Phase 3, you need to wait for the flashing to stop to complete the procedure of Huawei b315s-22 unlock. You need to then remove the wires and then insert a SIM which was not compatible till now. After it is done, you need to switch the router on. At this moment, make sure you don't connect any other cable. You need to wait to login back into the application, and from there on, you will be guided to enter the code, click on unlock router and then you will be able to connect it successfully with your machine to start using the internet again!

Huawei B315S 22 unlock code calculator

You might be able to find some online code calculators which will help you to Unlock Huawei b315s-22 router, but those online calculators are not trustworthy. They may give you a wrong phone unlock codes which will lead to locking of the router for on permanent basis. You surely don't want to take that risk, which is why opting for professional services will make more sense.

Benefits of Unlocking Huawei B315S 22 Router with Unlockninja

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