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How to Unlock Alcatel OT 815DG

An Alcatel phone has a lot of features. And in case you possess one, I believe you don’t need to go through the same all over again. But imagine a scenario where some features cannot use, or say, the service provider charges hefty amounts for using them. And some features are forbidden to use as well. These happen on a locked Alcatel OT 815DG. Hence, unlocking your Alcatel OT 815DG will not only ensure that these features belong to you but also give you leverage over some properties of the phone.

Leverages Gained on Unlocking Your Alcatel OT 815DG

Once the Alcatel OT 815DG is unlocked, you have the leverage to break free from the clutches of just one network. Roaming charges we can avoid, and you can have a lot more to do with your calls and data plans if you can avail services of several networks. That happens only with an unlocked Alcatel OT 815DG cell phone. You get to use various SIM cards across the globe, avoid extra charges and at the same time, get a better network strength as per the location.

Apart from the SIM cards, Alcatel phones have a lot of advanced features which once they are locked, are not available to the user. This hassle can overcome when you unlock your Alcatel OT 815DG.

Unlock Codes for Alcatel OT 815DG

Normally for unlocking devices, one would prefer people at the service centre, but for an Alcatel, a code can do the job.  The IMEI number, which is usually present on the sticker under the phone’s battery and the ID provider should suffice. There are no updates, cables, jailbreaking, or rooting to make this more complex. And the icing on this cake is a do-it-yourself process that would not require any technical skills. The process takes microscopic time and is effective.

Safety and Security

Apart from the benefits it offers, unlocking Alcatel OT 815DG does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty or the features of the phone, except that, now you can use all of them. There is no loss of data of any kind including contacts. Furthermore, the process is simple enough for a layman to implement. The best part of unlocking Alcatel is that it is a one-time and permanent process.

Of course, an unlocked Alcatel OT 815DG would fetch a much better price than a locked one and possesses an edge when and if the user plans on selling it. 

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