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Important - Select the Model your Unlock G.plus is Locked to.

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Important - Select the Model your Unlock G.plus is Locked to.

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How to Unlock Gplus Phone

Gplus phones are among the first google plus specific phones and have taken the market by storm. As a user, you would probably be spending more of your time on google plus for social networking. But what if the default network has a fault or more in the region you use it? What if you chose to opt for another network but stuck with you have? It usually happens in a case of a locked Gplus phone.

Why Unlock Your Gplus Phone

With a locked Gplus, there may be a seamless transition of data from the network, but what if calls aren't clear? You may want to opt for a better system, or maybe you wish to be able to use more than one network on the same phone. How much must you compromise? Unlocking your Gplus phone will ensure that you have access to more than one network and can use various SIM cards on the same handset.

Unlock Codes for Gplus Phone

Upon unlocking your Gplus phone, you'll have the freedom to use an SIM for data, another for calls, etc. Unlocking plus phone using a code is neither robust nor risk at any level. This process has to executed only once, and it'll work for a lifetime. Though you are a netizen and may be using this phone for an advanced requirement, this process doesn't need any technical knowledge for execution. The data required for performing this process would include:

  • Model no., the country it was locked in and the network it is locked to
  • The IMEI number of the phone

A code can be retrieved using this data, which shall then need to enter. Once that is done, your Gplus phone is unlocked.  An unlocked Gplus phone would fetch much better prices and probably much better buyers as compared to a locked phone. You also get to enjoy the money back guarantee that comes with services of genuine providers such as unlockninja.com.

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