How to unlock your Samsung phone by code to use any GSM Carrier

Samsung phones are the most sought after phones after apple iphones. The entire landscape of the android phones’ market has changed drastically with the introduction of Samsung phones. The company also hasn’t left any stone unturned in order to satiate the demands of various buyers by always introducing new and innovative features in every new […]

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How to Unlock Samsung Phone with Unlock Code and Mobile Device Unlock App

Congratulations! You are just minutes away from unlocking your Samsung phone with the code you bought on Unlockninja. Today with this tutorial we will explain to you the steps of using your Samsung unlock code without any hassle. This guide is also helpful if your Samsung mobile device is in “Phone Freeze” condition.The unlocking instruction […]


Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S5 with Assistance from Professional Unlocking Providers

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 with Professional Unlocking Providers Samsung Galaxy S5 is an extremely popular smartphone, which used by millions of users around the globe. However, often you may find that your highly innovative and exciting gadget locked to a particular carrier provider. While this can leave anyone annoyed, it is better that instead of […]